I do not like them Sam I am

Today was Wacky Friday in celebration of Dr. Suess Birthday today and the book he wrote called ” Wacky Wednesday”  The kids were encouraged to dress wacky and boy did they !  ( I will post ALL my pictures on Facebook today .It is much more difficult to load them all here since the size […]

The Foot Book and Ten Apples Up On Top

Today we read ” The Foot Book” .  After reading the book we colored a foot and cut it out.  Most of our friends are cutting pretty well.  Your child’s foot should be in their cubby take a look at it and see how their cutting skills are coming along.  We also found out that […]

We are having some Dr Suess fun – hun’

Today we started celebrating Dr Suess. His Birthday is March 3rd. We started with the Cat in the Hat.  Last night Randy picked up the full length movie with Micheal ” someone” ( as in not the cartoon one ) and I toyed all morning with allowing the kids some TV time to introduce The […]

Green Eggs and Ham

> Normally I do ONE day on Dr. Suess. SHOOT me.. he isnt my favorite author for three and four year old children. Not only are the a LOT of words but a LOT of pages. I did a week this year and for the most part was able to keep the kiddos attention while […]

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

> Emeri’s mom came to read ” Fox in Sox” The kids enjoyed it but it was quite a tongue twister for her. Today was Wacky Wednesday and the kids wore wacky socks! Emeri should be a big sister within the week ! After the kids woke up we had a birthday cake for Dr. […]

Top Hat Tuesday

> We had a fun time today balancing things on our head like Cat in the Hat. Group pictures with the kids on Terrific Top Hat Tuesday ! I am NOT a hat girl… The kids ended up trading hats and using some of mine that I had upstairs. Today we read a PDEastman book […]

Mixed Up Monday

> This week we are celebrating Dr. Suess birthday with ” special stuff !” Today was mixed up Monday ! We really had some mixed up wardrobes and hair-do’s. In celebration of ” The Foot Book” the girls got their toes pained. They loved it. We even made them a little mixed up. The boys […]

Hop on Pop

>I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I am. The pictures of our day are out of order but so are most of Dr. Suess’ books. After having green eggs and ham for lunch we graphed who liked them. As you can see 12 children liked the green […]