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Owls !

Published on March 7, 2012 under animals in the woods

Much of our fun today was a top secret disguised assessment.   We made owl puppets. I was able to check for proper pencil grip and cutting skills.  Bonus was being able to talk about owls that live in the woods !












When your child is writing three year old generally hold the pencil wrong… and that is ok.  When we are this late in the year  I should be able to see some good looking pencil grips. I taught one of our little girls a trick today to help her. Her fingers kept unrolling and getting in the way.   We took a small pom pom and inserted it in her palm.  she used her bottom three fingers to hold the pom pom in place.












Other tricks you can try at home are just having very small crayons. This is correct pencil grip.










Rule of thumb for cutting is THUMB ON TOP.  I think one of the best ways to improve scissor skills is just being allowed to use them a lot.  So, take those scissors out at home.

The kids were still really enjoying the small animals families in our woods box – even the raccoon.

Andrea LOVES dress up play but today she went in the loft and played the IPAD.  I love seeing kids break out of their normal playing routines to do something different.  The book of real animals in the woods was still being enjoyed also .  They love the snakes and the centipedes !







We all went outside at once today.   It was very windy.   One of our prospective students came by during lunch to drop off paperwork for next year and I am sure I looked like a woman caught in a wind tunnel.  It was not pretty…. but , we did have fun outside and none of us got blown away.





































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