Rain , Penguins and Plans

I couldnt decide what to title this blog because there were so many exciting thing to report.   When we changed the science / quiet room over to a block room we had to talk about what would make it less chaos.  We really didnt want the kids to just go in and start pulling […]

Penguins !

Today was the day  for penguin play.  As a friend pointed out, penguins are not from the arctic  but most preschool units you look at have polar bears and penguins right along beside each other holding hands.  If you remember my teaching philosophy you know that fact is actually mute since I am not “teaching […]

Polar Bears and the Alphabet

One of the games we played today was the Polar Bear Walk.   I placed letters around the room and a few orange fish.   As the music played the children walked around the letters.  When the music stopped the would freeze where they were.  If it was a fish ( like polar bears eat […]

Blocks !

Remember back a couple weeks ago when we had a technical assistance visit from Marcy and she made the comment that she suspected the next time she visited we would have a block room ? Well… obviously I am a sucker for people planting seeds and me going out sowing, harvesting and taking them to […]

Twas the Day before ….

Twas the day before the Polar Express Party and the last full day before Christmas break and all through the house.. It was calm.   So calm. Have you ever heard the saying ” Let sleeping dogs lie ?” We didn’t rock the boat and add more chaos to the day we just let the […]

Santa Says

Santa says ENOUGH ORNAMENTS ALREADY! !!! : )   Alas we made ANOTHER ornament today. This one was a little more free spirited and creative. We practiced our program one last time for tomorrow morning at 10 am.   There were kiddos using a provocation in the writing center to write ” letters to Santa […]

Keepsake Ornaments

Today we had a few new activities on the table. There was a game that encouraged one to one correspondence .  There were tiny red Christmas presents and a tree with slots.  The goal of the game was to put one tiny present in each slot.  Tomorrow I may up the challenge by adding a […]

Sugar Cookie Anyone ?

One of the most fun things we did today was make a sugar cookie in a cup.  Most of the kids loved it.  Cooking with children involves so many math skills.  I didnt get one picture of this !  Here is the recipe if you want to try it at home.   Sugar Cookie in […]

Christmas !

Today we started talking about Christmas .  Well..  the kids started talking LONG ago about Christmas so I should say we started actually doing some Christmas themed activities today !   The first thing we did was talk about ” What is Christmas. ”   Holly was in today for a while so she talked […]

Its Friday , I can BARELY stand it !

If I showed you my calendar and my obligations for the week you would commit me so I wont.  But lets just say… I was a tad stretched this week.  Today was a welcome slow down as there was nothing planned. Ms Dallas had a planned day off today so I took advantage of the […]