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Mayflower ? Sunflower?

Published on December 1, 2016 under fall

Today I asked did they remember what the name of the boat the pilgrims rode to America was called .

The sunflower ?

The flower ?

Close .

It starts with ( Mmm)  .

The Mayflower.

How in the world did the Mayflower float on top of the water ?  How does anything float ?

We picked a few things from our play room and did sink / floats experiments.


Will the cup float ?  It is shaped like a boat. Will the snack basket float ? It has a lot of holes   Will the car float ? Its very small.

After we tried this as a class it was left out for individual exploration.

I had a couple things left in my Thanksgiving box that are not really ” how I teach ” but would be fun for the kids and I hated to throw them away.

The girls put together a Thanksgiving necklace . ( Great fine motor practice ! )


The boys worked on little teepees . ( Again… great fine motor ! )


When we got outside we found that most of the leaves from our trees on the playground had fallen and there was a beautiful yellow carpet of leaves .  It was a wonderful fall day.





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