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Category: Thanksgiving

P is for Pilgrim

Published on November 23, 2009 under Indians
> I love it when I see my little friends pretending to be teachers.Kynley checking out the Indian Corn we popped in the microwave.Audrey found a new use for the plant that Clara gave us.…
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Indian Vest

Published on November 20, 2009 under cooking with kids
>Today was an adventurous day. I don't know if you have figured out or not , but I CRINGE when it comes time to do teacher directed crafts. Today we made indian vest to go…
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Row Row Row Your Boat

Published on November 19, 2009 under building community
>Clara reading a book and playing with the new puppets.New puppets I made from scrap booking materials! Love them!Book and Puppets!Clara wrote a note to hang on Jaden's cubby! LOVE IT!There are new file folder…
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I am thankful …

Published on November 18, 2009 under funny things kids say
>What are you thankful for?I am thankful for children that love to climb in the loft and read book.I am thankful for young artist ,readers, being alone in the cube, learning to cut in the…
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I is for Indian

Published on November 16, 2009 under Thanksgiving
>Last week we did Turkey talk. This week it is all about Indians. Today we made Indian headdresses. I found a few years ago the easiest way for me to set that activity up is…
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Turkey Talk

Published on November 11, 2009 under Literacy
>Today in circle time I told the kids the story of Tom the Turkey with a Terrible Temper. The kids LOVED that I used the flannel board with it. The Turkey With The Terrible Temper…
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Another mommy visitor

Published on November 6, 2009 under Multicultural
>Bianca playing with a basket of goodies I put on the table. Each day I add new things for them to " create " with. We have an easel and an art center but this…
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Here are grandma’s glasses

Published on November 5, 2009 under Thanksgiving
>Do you constantly feel like you are getting ready for something? Welcome to my life. Every time I plan to slow down and enjoy ______ ( insert just about anything here ) something comes along…
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