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Pre- Thanksgiving Day

Published on November 21, 2017 under Thanksgiving


You know its a good day when children just plop everywhere and grab a book and ask you to read it.

And then two brothers celebrate turning 5.  These guys have our heart. They are the most loving affectionate little boys. Nathan is whispering to Tryston as we sing Happy Birthday.  I NOW realize he was saying ” I am going to blow out YOUR candles first!  ”  These boys !



Nathan found an old great up dirty penny today.  We tried many different ways to clean it.  He thought it was pretty cool  when we added baking soda to the vinegar and it bubbled up.


We made homemade butter today too.  We didn’t get a chance to taste it but I am

saving it for Monday mornings breakfast.



We also started a sweet potato vine today . 


And we completed the turkey drawings we made yesterday.  Ok, I will admit that for some of the drawings it is difficult to ” see ” the turkey but…..  this type of art activity is so much better for them than the traditional handprint .

Yes, that memory of a handprint is really special but look at the amazing detail and work put in the hand drawn turkey.  I don’t think I have to list all of the early learning standards that they hit doing this activity.   The picture on the left the teacher paints the hand and carefully places it on the paper and most likely even helps the child wash off the paint.  There is ZERO creativity involved.  Am I saying I don’t like handprint art ? NO… I am saying for my intentions – the free handed art is more suitable.




I am not even cooking a turkey for our Thanksgiving Dinner this year so I didn’t want pull one out for today. We improvised…. its still a turkey. 🙂 


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