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Like A Rhinestone Cowboy

Published on January 29, 2013 under music

What wonderful weather we are having for the end of January. I met the kids outside again today and got some energy out and some metabolisms kicked in before we even had breakfast.  Breakfast this morning was homemade banana oatmeal.  It was delicious.  I took fresh bananas and mashed them up and mixed in a little brown sugar and cinnamon and honey and then folded that into the warm oatmeal.  Yummy !

It was good to have some of our friends return to school today.  We enjoyed playing with them again.  I love when I look around the room and everyone is happy and exploring all our cool materials and building little relationships.  The part that really makes me smile is the building relationships  You know, to me, the hardest part of being an adult is learning to navigate all the emotions and confusions and aggravations that sometime come with relationships. But.. what would life be without them ? This is why at Bright Beginnings we try not to hover ( helicopter parent ) over our kids and fix every little disagreement or problem they have through the day. We allow them time to think about how they can work something out with their friends.  Sometimes it is even good to feel hurt ( in your feelings ) so that you can remember those things when you are making a decision to make or do something that might hurt someone else.   Preschool is more about the social and emotional development of a  child than the memorization of the alphabet or the numbers.  My goal is to send these little guys to ” big school” armed with emotional tools that will help them become amazing students !




















































































We kicked off our music week with a KIDDOS concert last night  . For some of our families this was their first time to see our alter ego’s .  It was a great time  !

Mr . Randy showed the kids one of his guitars today.  Oh, they see his guitars all the time but today he took the time to show them what the different parts of the guitar are and what they are called. And then of course, they sang along as he played.























We made guitars today too !
























And we had a food inspection  .  Did you know we are inspected by the USDA National School Lunch Program three times a year ? These inspections are not scheduled .  They come to make sure we are feeding the meal patters and the quantities we should be serving.  Our group that inspects us is actually an association that serves all homes. I say serve because these ladies offer support that is unmatched. As I have switched to serving more ” whole foods” this year they have been a great help to me in making that transition.  They also check our paperwork and check for cleanliness.  Speaking of cleanliness, did you know that the kids dishes are washed, rinsed and then sanitized with bleach every meal?   This is one of the many things we do to keep from spreading germs – like the flu !






















It was another good day…. as always.


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