No Problem Man

Today we visited Jamaica using our imaginations and the pictures and artifacts that Randy and I brought back from our trip.   The kids loved the wooden head. Jamiaca is known for it’s wood art.  The head is a little scary but very interesting.  William took it and said ” Hey, this is weird.Are  YOU […]

Finished Faces

Today was a good day.  I love it when I can look around and hear  the hum of children playing.  Sometimes you can almost feel it… like a heart beat.  Does that mean that every day is perfect – ha! No!   But you see… if days were perfect the children wouldn’t have as many […]

Last Day

> The last day and we get to add one more visiting animal to our list of pets brought in by the kids. Kimber and his mommy found this turtle on the road and brought it in the share with us. We did end up sitting him outside . He became a little stinky. 🙂 […]

Green !

> Today we were all about green. I had intended to show them color mixing but with five kids out I decided to wait until tomorrow so the missing kiddos can enjoy color mixing too ! But it WAS Muffin Tin Monday. All our food was GREEN. So, mom and dad.. if you see something […]


> On days it is raining outside we add a little more gross motor play like this fun jungle toss. Ever feel like there was a monkey on your back ? Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. We can practice our writing with fun cards that have words on them. Roar like a lion […]

More Wild Animals

> We’s had another fun day at preschool. Here is Orrin . We learned that an elephant sucks water up his nose and them puts it into his mouth. Practicing this with a turkey baster from one dish to another dish was fun ! One game we played was a file folder game called Lions […]

Its the KIDDOS!

> Most of you know that Randy and I travel doing children’s music. We don’t do many during the school year so we havent done a concert since September. We are doing a concert tomorrow in Van Buren for a new library down there. The kids let us do a run through for them ! […]

Want to cluck a little ?

> Some pictures from yesterday when I was being a whine bag and didnt post. 🙂 Cutting lanterns is a great fine motor activity and great for teaching how important it is to listen and follow directions. If you dont stop on the line your lantern gets smaller and smaller. I was really impressed with […]

Books and Rhythm Sticks

> From the block center this morning I heard ” Look Mia we made a community !” Sure enough, I look over there and this is what I see. The girls were so proud of themselves! Other experiences we had today was using our scales to measure things. We used important words like equal and […]

The itsy Bitsy Spider

> Lots of ” crafting ” going on in the art center today. Still continuing our “bugs” discussions today we talked about SPIDERS ! Whoops ! Then we had an unplanned fire drill. Ms Debbie forgot the chicken and the smoke alarm went off. 🙂 Back to our spider art… In these two pictures you […]