Once upon a rainbow

> Somewhere, over the rainbow…. After the kiddos finished up their leprechaun pictures from yesterday, we started a collaborative rainbow project ! It was during free choice time so there were other activities going on at the same time. Here is someones wonderful picture they were working on. Dillion was proud of his stacked rainbow. […]

We’ve got the blues…

>There’s probably no better way to beat the ” we have to stay inside again” blues than a dance party!Or maybe a train around the room… Today was the first day in my 90 day window for a quality inspection. The Arkansas Child Care Approval System is a voluntary accreditation system that allows child care […]

What’s a Groundhog?

> Today has been a very busy day. The phone seemed to ring more than usual but we plowed on through our routines! Today I put out the valentines activities on the table. There are MANY to show you BUT I have other things to highlight in our day, so I will post those tomorrow. […]

A few Good Men

> Or a few good kids…. There are only 6 children here today. There is still ice and snow and the public schools are out. We are open. Randy and I travel in the summer doing children’s concerts so we can’t afford to go much into the summer. Our school dates will run into our […]

Snow day!

>We have snow and ice here today and no kiddies came to play! Here is a video from yesterday for you to enjoy!

What a beautiful day to begin giving thanks!

>Today has been an beautiful day . The weather is amazing. I love days that surprise us and give the kids more time to enjoy the outdoors before winter arrives.You see pictures here of two boys playing with the leap frog letters and numbers. You can also see Jaxson practicing being a daddy one day~ […]

Teddy Bear Picnic

> Today to end our ” Brown Bear Brown Bear” unit we had a teddy bear picnic. It was a lot of fun. In reality all we did was take our bears outside and ate lunch on the porch but the kids LOVED it. Anything new and different in our day is like a piece […]

Friday Wrap up!

>I went to bed feeling rather crummy last night. ( Word of advice: Dont NOT cheat on WW and then decide to go to Callahans and order a chopped sirloin dinner. I was good. No bread. Bakes Potato plain. But, I guess that red meat didn’t agree with my choices. ) I also have poison […]

Apples , Apples , Apples

>Today we kicked off a unit on apples. A is for Apple !!!! We decided to walk to IGA and explore the store for things that are made of apples, or made to taste like or smell like apples. You would not believe the things we found. First we found the apples and picked up […]