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The Sound of Music

Published on January 31, 2013 under music

Since we are making new discoveries about music this week we have introduced several new instruments formally in circle time and also added different ones to our music center for free play.  One of those ” instruments ” was a paper jam guitar. The kids LOVE it. It has even had to ” take a break ” a few times today to calm a disagreement on sharing.   ( This is a great time to remind you that sharing doesnt mean we have to give up a toy to someone else. That is called Hijacking if a teacher does that.  How would you feel if you were driving your car along and someone stopped you and said.. ” well, you have driven your car long enough today, You will need to get out and let someone else drive a while. ”  Not so great huh ?  We try to encourage them to be nice to their friends and leave time for them to play with our favorite toys too but I dont Hijack toys. )  Other things we have added is a new shaker toy that has beans in it and the toy keyboard.

This morning Randy took the kids into the kitchen and showed them how to make music with glasses that are filled to different levels.  Not only do the glasses make beautiful music but they are pretty as well.


Randy also showed them two instruments he plays.  He showed them a dulcimer and a washboard. Yes, a washboard !

During small groups today we played an alphabet game.  The kids enjoyed it and I was surprised at how many beginnings sounds they were able to identify.

Alina’s mom stayed to play this morning.  Becky and Leo have been so faithful to play with the kids this year when  they can.  I am thankful.   Waiting until your child is 5 and in kindergarten to be involved is short changing your child and devaluing the education he is getting from birth to five .  Did you know that the most important work in a child’s education is 0-5.  Come play with us and help us set a strong foundation.

I know I say this almost every day. But today was a great day !


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