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The Wheels on the Bus

Published on April 20, 2016 under field trips
The Wheels on the Bus

We were the first ones on the bus this morning and the last ones off  .   As we rode to Northside our littles sang ” The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.”   They were completely excited as Mr Avery explained how to watch for the red lights and the huge arm that swings out in front of the bus.   He was trying to explain that on the bus we always sit.  He said ” What do you do at Ms Debbie’s when you are learning ? ”  One of the little’s yelled ” We learn !”  He was looking for ” we sit on our bottom.”  YIKES. Not here.  🙂


We looked through the windows of the art room, the library, and the computer room.  The art teacher invited us in  her room.  Our partner teacher, Mrs. Fullerton, was excited to see us come down the hall. Each of her kiddos had written each of our kiddos a letter to welcome them to kindergarten.  Mrs . Fullerton’s class also showed each child around the room individually.   She read a story to us and we found out some exciting news.   Northside is no longer the Koala’s . They are the panther cubs !  I think that is a great change.   After our tour we climbed back on the bus and came home to find licensing here. YIPEE! 🙂   My life goes 100 MPH, but I wouldn’t skip this journey for anything.






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