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Book Making

Published on November 15, 2011 under family

Today we drew pictures of our family and then made a book out of them.  Each page says _________  has _______ people in  ______ family.   After drawing their pictures I filled in the blanks with them.  It might say Debbie has 4 people in her family.  These little projects are great for the kids. The contain something a teacher might call predictable text.  After the first 2 pages or so a child can read the next page by remembering what was said and looking at his friends names and the numbers.  If they can’t ” read” the number they can count how many people were drawn on the page. Activities like this encourage reading and build confidence in children.









































Another fun activity we did today was a shape match game that Kat’s grandma made for us.  Thanks!































I was so proud of Kimber today.  You know how I wrote ” mom ” and ” family ” on the board yesterday for two songs we were doing ?  Today, he did it !
















Here is a video of the mom song we sing.

You know we sing a LOT here. I fear we are creating little DIVA’s.


































And last of all.  These are poor Katelyn’s feet.  Remember , we go outside unless there is a weather advisory or there is falling precipitation.  When they go out the explore they  get wet and muddy.  Every day your child should dress to get dirty ( our work is hard ! )  but especially on rainy days or days after a rain, dress assuming they will get pitifully messy.  As you look out the window and see puddles say to yourself ” I need to put junk clothes on my precious one today because those CRAZY preschool teachers will have them outside tromping in the mud. ”  Then no one is disappointed in muddle little children that are return home in the afternoon.































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