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Published on November 17, 2016 under conscious discipline

Did you ever have a day that just kept going and going and going and going ?

This was my day today but Randy will tell you that I love it.  If he means doing my job to the best of my ability and breathing in every moment I have to make a difference in my littles lives then he must be right. After school Randy and I  had a couple errands to run and then I am trying to make a habit of cooking supper and eating at home , then we had our conscious discipline parent night and well, here I find myself at 10 pm blogging our day.


We talked even more about our families today.  How many brothers and sisters do you have ? img_4552img_4545We also made a web of things our family does together.  Drinks sounds pretty scandalous but when it is said after ” eat dinner ” drinks makes perfect sense . 🙂




Perfect timing during family week for my sweet niece  Kaitlyn to stop in. She asked me could she get some volunteer hours in for one of her classes . Its great having a pretty young girl around. The little girls follow her everywhere .  She grabbed a broom to sweep and the girls did  too.  Having Kaitlyn here was wonderful. She played and  pitched in everywhere.  I heard her say ” awe…. ”  Simon had looked at her and said ” Welcome to our preschool family. ”   Love….


Look Ms Debbie. Its you.

img_4561My night ended with our 3rd conscious discipline parent night.  You might also call this a group of wonderful women getting together to talk about parenting successes and parenting challenges.  Life is hard.   This is a time we all lift each other up and help and listen and learn a little along the way.  It makes me happy to see our preschool family bonding . Look at those smiles.  So so worth it.


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