Hippity Hoppity

Monday Monday…. what a fun day.  I have told you this before. I LOVE Mondays.  Mondays are usually one of our easier days.  Most Mondays starts a new unit which means all new table activities for the kids to enjoy. New toys = excited kids = happy teacher !             […]

The Bunny hit the Dogwood Festival

> Today was another great day. So glad we live in a town it is safe to get our kids our and about. They learn so much by getting out of our routine and experiencing other things. The big preschool in town takes their children on charter buses to Tulsa and pays everyones way into […]

Bunny Baskets

> While I was off getting this today. The kids were making these !

Good Friday Fun !

> Good Friday was a GREAT day… Music with the shaker eggs. We dyed Easter Eggs. We decorated our Easter Baskets. We hunted eggs in our neighbors yard. Anna and her mom had made us goodie bags! Jaxson had a LOT of eggs. Geneviette looking REALLY close… Dee gave a few hints. She helped hide […]

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

> We had a very special visitor today – Rajah. Rajah is the lion head rabbit pet of Audrey, Keegan and Devin. Devin brought it by to visit us this morning. The kids were so excited. Before Rjah got here we read the story of Peter Rabbit. It was so funny, the kids were appalled […]

Wild Wednesday

> Can I just say I am EXHAUSTED tonight ? I had FOUR doctors appointments today – count them… FOUR! Two for me and two appointments were my moms. I had another visit for this allergic reaction I have going on around my eyes. I would say we are at this point playing – let’s […]

What is Easter?

> After breakfast today I got the kids started on an orange collage. I heard many things: Is this a pumpkin? Is today orange day? You will see the end result tomorrow! Easter bunny board game – I wish I knew why playing board games it my LEAST favorite thing to do during the day. […]

What did you do on Spring Break

> We are back at school. Several ( 4 ) of our friends were out today. It made the transition from break a little easier. Below you will see a picture of my mom. This is one of the best pictures we have taken in a while. I think she was well rested… and enjoyed […]