Hippity Hoppity

Monday Monday…. what a fun day.  I have told you this before. I LOVE Mondays.  Mondays are usually one of our easier days.  Most Mondays starts a new unit which […]

The Bunny hit the Dogwood Festival

> Today was another great day. So glad we live in a town it is safe to get our kids our and about. They learn so much by getting out […]

Bunny Baskets

> While I was off getting this today. The kids were making these !

Good Friday Fun !

> Good Friday was a GREAT day… Music with the shaker eggs. We dyed Easter Eggs. We decorated our Easter Baskets. We hunted eggs in our neighbors yard. Anna and […]

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

> We had a very special visitor today – Rajah. Rajah is the lion head rabbit pet of Audrey, Keegan and Devin. Devin brought it by to visit us this […]

Wild Wednesday

> Can I just say I am EXHAUSTED tonight ? I had FOUR doctors appointments today – count them… FOUR! Two for me and two appointments were my moms. I […]

What is Easter?

> After breakfast today I got the kids started on an orange collage. I heard many things: Is this a pumpkin? Is today orange day? You will see the end […]

What did you do on Spring Break

> We are back at school. Several ( 4 ) of our friends were out today. It made the transition from break a little easier. Below you will see a […]