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The Bunny hit the Dogwood Festival

Published on April 29, 2011 under Easter


Today was another great day. So glad we live in a town it is safe to get our kids our and about. They learn so much by getting out of our routine and experiencing other things. The big preschool in town takes their children on charter buses to Tulsa and pays everyones way into the aquarium. They also take trips to the zoo. I cant do that. Yes, we are funded the same way but our budgets are set up different. What can I do ? It is a proven fact that children learn more when they are immersed with familiarity . What is more familiar than their home town? Thankfully we live in a place that we dont have to lock doors and the people at the local supermarket still know your name. This weekend is the local Dogwood Festival. People look forward to it all year. Every year we take our kids down there. Sometimes we grab snack or play a game. Sometimes we just look. I am not shopping…. I am watching the kids. I am teaching about stranger safety and how to act in a crowd. I am pointing out interesting things we see and just enjoying watching the wonder on these little guys faces. Life is grand… At the end of the day I feel somewhat like the Aunt Bee on The Andy Griffith show. I love introducing my preschoolers to our hometown. While there today, we saw McGruff the crime dog. ( The weird guy peeking from behind is my brother that we ran into. I TOLD you small town.. ) We also got to visit with the Aarons Rental Dog and saw our favorite nurse Sarah.

Another big thing today was the celebration of the marriage of the ROYAL COUPLE. I used my lap top to show the kids some of the pictures today. I heard one of the little girls say ” There’s a REAL princess ?” Yes, there is. Downtown is the English Tea Room and they were all decked out for the wedding ! We didnt get time for our tea party but I MAY still try to make scones for snack.

We did finally have our Egg Hunt today. FUN !


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