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The Carrot Seed

Published on March 27, 2013 under Easter

Today we  heard the story  ” The Carrot Seed.”   There are life lessons for adults as well in this book . Think about it.  It makes me sad that the boys family kept saying ” it wont grow” What happened to helping a child dream and succeed.  Thank goodness he didnt give up and just kept watering  that carrot seed.

Of course, I didnt use this as parable today.  We simply talked about the boy planting the carrot seed and how everyone told him it wouldnt grow but he watered it and kept waiting  – he was patient.   We also talked about the fact that he took care of the plant by pulling the weeds and watering the seeds.  We talked about whether a carrot is a vegetable or fruit and I explained it is a root vegetable that grows under the ground like the roots of a tree. And of course.. that rabbits love carrots.

It was just a carrot kind of day.

We painted with carrots.

We made carrot salad.

We planted carrots !

We ate carrots in three different ways and lunch and then graphed which one was our favorite  !

We also made circles on the paper with paint today and egg halves.

We did another science experiment with peeps.

We sorted more rabbits !


We played in the sensory tub to look for miniature rabbits .






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