Happy Busy Monday !

Have you ever tried to herd cats ?   That is what today was like ! Have you ever went down the toy aisle at the local goodwill after children […]


I am happy to say that today we finished up our Dial three  assessments.  It is very comprehensive and takes SO much time.  Our parent teacher conferences are scheduled for […]

Dial Three

I have no pictures today of wonderful activities we did .  Our lesson plan included tracing our hands and making a chart called ” helpful hands / hurtful hands. ” […]


Today we took a lot of new materials out for our bird unit.  One of the games we played was a rhyming game.  I have each of the kids a […]

Candy Land

Today was a dreary day… but inside was all fun and games.  We had two out today sick. We had two out yesterday sick. It seems to be a tummy […]

5 Little Pumpkins

Today I focused most of our activities on counting.   In small groups we read a  counting book called two little witches.  It is great for getting the kiddos to […]

Rainy Days Can Be Productive !

Today started out with rain.  You would think we would dread rainy days but for some reason rainy days are usually good ones for me.    I wouldn’t push my […]

Can I scream now?

Get a cup of coffee and maybe a tylenol. I need to spill.   Tonight were our required assessments for our state funded program.  Don’t get me wrong, I am […]

We finished our Dial Three Assessments !

>We finished our Dial Three Assessments today. I even have them scored. It always feels great to get to the end of our year and see how much we have […]