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Hallelujah Day

Published on March 31, 2016 under assessment
Hallelujah Day



You might ask yourself what exactly is a ” Hallelujah Day. ” Let me explain . This would be the day after an assessment you have been waiting months for and the day before you leave for ten day vacation. Today we did have intentional teaching … there were plans. The most exciting things I saw happening were not on my lesson plan. They rarely are. was mixing paints . He mixed the yellow and the blue to make green. Kids don’t just normally happen upon discoveries like this. Oh.. it CAN happen . But this mixture comes at the end of a unit where we read a book called Little Yellow and Little Blue. It is a color mixing story. Ms Dallas purposefully placed green blocks on the light table but included two blue ones and two yellow ones .. to provoke thought . Above everything.. these discoveries would not happen if the child wasn’t allowed access to the paint and be allowed to freely mix and pour his own paint.


We have noticed this week that the art center has moved from a place of creating to MUCH more writing going on. We are seeing letters everywhere .This is the time of year you get to see the results of you trusting the process and philosophy of your teaching. One of our littles that is three wrote her name for the first time alone and without help this week. Trust the process.


Here’s the planned… part of the day. Humpty Dumpy emergent readers. My favorite part of this activity was later in the day when I asked the children how they would put Humpty together again .We want thinkers, fixers, doers… not just ” can you color in the line junkies. “


Mr Randy helped the children explore with the metal detector today. The kids love it when he brings his toy out. They have been digging for weeks in the same hole . They wanted him to test it to see if there was any metal in there.


Dulcimer fun .This is the stuff that creates memories.



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