Pumpkin Provocations

We’ve talked about provocation’s in our setting  and how we use them to entice children to think deeper or work on a specific skill.  Today’s provocation was pumpkin painting . The children were never told they ” had ” to take a turn at the table but most did.   I love the art pieces […]

Rain Drop or Puddle

Yesterday there  was much excitement in the art center.   NORMALLY, we don’t have as many materials out at the beginning of the year but since so many are repeaters this year I decided to go all out and fill the shelves . I even added a large jar of glitter !   GASP!  I […]

Chugging Along

We are still putting forth efforts to finish up little last minute details for our Art Show.  I have never done an art show so I feel like I am working with a blank slate .    I am accustomed to doing BIG things — programs with sets and costumes and lots of prep  . […]

Art Happens All The Time .. Everywhere

This morning I had parent conferences and Ms Dallas had the children exploring how to make art that was not flat on a piece of paper. We made yet another piece of art for our art show. There are some benefits of art in the preschool classroom that we sometimes overlook. Never is one child’s […]

Art Explorations

  The last few days of school as we gear up for our Art Show we are exploring different ways to create art.  Today I pulled out an oldie but goodie from our tool belt.  We plugged in an old hot plate ( I think it is from the 50s era , maybe.) After it […]

Art Gallery

Today we did more art work for our Art Show on Sunday . We added more circle art to our circle gallery . It can get a little messy .

Art Show Prep

Today we spent some time selecting our art pieces for our ART SHOW on Sunday May 7th at 4 pm.  The show will be presented at the Siloam Springs Tennis Courts.   I am excited . This will be the first art show that Bright Beginnings has hosted !   “Why change it up ,Debbie […]


I have a love/ hate relationship with assessments.   A developmental assessment is required of all children enrolled in an ABC program within 45 days of enrollment.  I do another assessment at the end of the year because what good is the assessment without something to compare it to ?   So , I hate […]

More 3D Art

Again, today we worked on our 3 D art pieces for our art show.  I think you will be impressed at the pictures they drew and then how they represented them in 3D.  While doing this activity there is a lot of unplanned assessments that can take place .  What color did you draw here […]

Jug Heads

It has been a busy day.   I had an appointment this morning but while I was gone the littles made a ” plan ” for a 3D art project we are working on. The plan is to complete these tomorrow. If you have jugs, lids or other loose parts that could be used to […]