ABC Audit

I knew I was in a 60 day window for an ABC audit.  They even give us a form to know what to expect. This morning I got up and got ready like a rock star.   When I want to conquer the day it usually starts with making sure my hair is high, makeup […]

Puppets and My Soul

Well, that sounds dramatic. 🙂 Yesterday I was so conflicted.  My  morning  before work started with a phone call concerning AECA and many times through out the day I received urgent emails and texts that ” needed my attention right away.”  I ended the day feeling defeated and quite upset with myself.  I had a […]

Puppets / Art

We have been talking about art and storytelling .  Last night I wondered what we could do to combine these two activities.   How can art influence storytelling ? I asked the kids what they thought . I brought from upstairs two different puppets.  ( You probably don’t know I had a puppet hoarding problem […]

Ice and Stories

Here the boys are smelling Angie’s coconut coffee as it brews.  They said it smelled” Yummy.”  Thanks again parents for this amazing Christmas present. I love the collaborative gifts that are something for our use with our families or kids. They are the best. We did some science today with predicting what would happen to […]

Collage Plus

As we continue to explore collage art today we added a little ” plus.” Why not plan ( what color we will find and cut out ) and sort by color on our paper ? Conversation while they worked : What color needs more ? Oh , there isn’t a lot of red . Is […]

More Collage Work

Today we delved a little deeper into collage work.  Can we collage many different materials with a purpose in mind ? Today we read ” Just like me.’  After reading the book I challenged the kids to use the materials on the table to create a person .     During real activities like this […]

Piet Mondrian Style

Still feeling my way around the Reggio style of teaching . This is the time of year that we begin to see what the majority of the littles are interested in. We listen to their questions. We pay attention to their ” work” with thoughts on what our next step is.  With the exception of […]

Christmas is Coming 2017

Christmas erasers to match, sort, stack , count and pattern become much more fun when they are stored in a tiny cute basket .   I put this together last night.  I got the metal tree form at Goodwill for 2.00.   I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  As I walked through […]

Do Robots Have Noses ?

Our day started off a little chilly so we were inside most of the morning.  Thankfully, we had a daddy here to help us and play.  His help at the art center produced some pretty amazing pieces. At one point today Elliette drew a robot ?  She said ” Ms Debbie, does a robot have […]

Pumpkin Visual

Today we took time to look at our pumpkin . We smelled it. We touched it.  We talked about it and made a list of all the things we ” know ” about pumpkins. After making our list we cut open the pumpkin and explored the inside .   We looked up a recipe for […]