All things that creep , crawl and fly

> Happy Monday! I love when I change out units and the children are so involved in exploring all the new things ! About half way through the morning Randy […]

Horses Of course !

> Isn’t the weather awesome today. It was a ” take our jackets off” kind of day! One of the three year olds was writing in his journal and I […]

What do I need to pack when I travel?

>One of our activities today was looking in a suitcase. First we discovered that the suitcase had WHEELS! We talked about why a suitcase might have wheels and why we […]

A few Good Men

> Or a few good kids…. There are only 6 children here today. There is still ice and snow and the public schools are out. We are open. Randy and […]

This is COLD!~

>The “musical ice cube ” game was one of the kids favorite activities today. We sat in a circle and passed an ice cube . When the music was playing […]

Monday Monday…

> Mr Randy is known for encouraging the children to try new foods. Today he had a bell pepper. After the kids tried it he wrote on the board who […]

Cause we’ll have fun fun fun….

> Clara playing at the water table . Notice the water is now red…. no sense teaching colors with flashcards ! There is also a little duck with a santa […]

The Train Wreck

> Today. I failed. We are doing the story “Brown Bear , Brown Bear”. I have some cool new toys that are made from the story. I have story cubes […]

Lots of Learning going on !

> Stringing red and green beads onto pipe cleaners. We talked about making a pattern but I didnt insist that they do it ” my way “.  How many apples […]

Can I have this group every year?

> Look what Jaxson was drawing !  I see lots of shapes and body parts! LETTERS! This is one of the new table activities I put out today.  I saw […]