Snow in May

Nothing like an expected snow in MAY to change a preschool teachers lesson plans . Since we got accumulated snow last night we HAD to go out in it and […]

C is for Cow

Randy had a doctors appointment today and as Dallas and I went over the lesson plans before we left she said ” Its such a beautiful day, I wish we […]

Welcome to the ” Funny Farm “

That is actually the name of the book ( one of them ) that we read today.  What was funny about the farm we read about was there were no […]


Today  we did an activity that allowed us to look at directions ( visual ) and listen to directions ( auditory ) and draw a horse.  I was pleasantly surprised […]

Farm Friends

Still learning basic concepts we need to know to be ready for kindergarten through books and toys that are farm related. Today we sequenced tractors from smallest to largest. Two […]

More Farm Fun

I am HOME !  I am already working my booty off getting ready for an extremely busy day tomorrow but I AM HOME! By the looks of the pictures and […]

Mud-Tastic Kind of Day

Hello from Little Rock ! I am in LIttle Rock reading grants for DHS .  I really couldnt afford to be gone more days from the classroom but at the […]


Today we started a unit on farm.  I find it interesting that most of the kids thought that farms mainly raised animals and knew little about vegetation farms.  My mom […]

How many different ways can we sort ?

Today we looked at a book full of pictures of real farm animals.  Using books like this is a great way to increase  you child’s vocabulary.  We can use many […]

Mrs Wishy Washy Drops In

Today Mrs Wishy Washy made her one day annual appearance.  The kids of course knew it was me but it is still fun to pretend.  I came in the room […]