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Welcome to the ” Funny Farm “

Published on April 29, 2013 under farm

That is actually the name of the book ( one of them ) that we read today.  What was funny about the farm we read about was there were no people . The farmers were dogs and they all wore clothes.  Weird, I know. But the kids liked it.  See…


We played farm BINGO and got to talk about words like silo and pitchfork .





















We played more in the ” dirt ” playdoh.





















I didnt get a picture but Ms Dallas came to play today – off the clock. There is a lot to be said about a mommy that gets paid to work here and on her day off still comes to sit in the dress up area and let the kids feed her strange make-believe dinners. Thanks Dallas !

As the weather gets more beautiful many days you will find me outside waiting on the kids. If you want you can pull up some porch and have a sit as well !



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