Well Hello Spring! and HEEELLLLOOOO park day!

As the kids came in this morning I knew the weather was going to be beautiful and I was thinking a park reward day was just what we needed. ¬†Since […]

Farmers Market

> This morning I loved walking in the quiet room and the boys are there writing on the chalk table without any prompting. YAY! BOYS! A few of the toys […]

Kindergarten Tour

> Today was the day that we go to tour the kindergarten where the older kids will go in the fall. I have six that will be moving up. First […]

P is for Pig

> Randy and I were out in a worksampling training all day. Worksampling is an online assessment tool. But.. I do know what your kiddos did today! Today the kids […]

Sounds on the Farm

> Our schedule got a little topsy turvy today. We were inside for breakfast and then went outside. The weather report said we would get storms all day but THANKFULLY […]

Mrs. Wishy Washy

> The kids love the story of Mrs. Wishy Washy. I told them yesterday to expect a special visitor. Little did they know it would be me, disguised as Mrs. […]

Yee Haw!

> Have I mentioned that we have three weeks left in school ? Today we started our last unit of the year. We will be going down on the farm […]

Quack !

> We have talked a lot about things that happen in Spring. It rains. Plants grow. Today we talked about new animals being born in the spring. I have an […]