Well Hello Spring! and HEEELLLLOOOO park day!

As the kids came in this morning I knew the weather was going to be beautiful and I was thinking a park reward day was just what we needed. ¬†Since parents fill out the permission slip at orientation that says ” we are aware that Bright Beginnings takes spontaneous walking field trips” off we went. […]

Farmers Market

> This morning I loved walking in the quiet room and the boys are there writing on the chalk table without any prompting. YAY! BOYS! A few of the toys on the morning tables. For small groups today we did sticker stories. I put all our stickers out on the table and explain to the […]

Kindergarten Tour

> Today was the day that we go to tour the kindergarten where the older kids will go in the fall. I have six that will be moving up. First thing this morning we were greeted by Emeri’s pet ! Mr. D met us outside, he is the counselor. We went in the library ! […]

P is for Pig

> Randy and I were out in a worksampling training all day. Worksampling is an online assessment tool. But.. I do know what your kiddos did today! Today the kids were read ” If you give a pig a pancake” while they ate pancakes marked with a P on the top in red. The also […]

Sounds on the Farm

> Our schedule got a little topsy turvy today. We were inside for breakfast and then went outside. The weather report said we would get storms all day but THANKFULLY it has been beautiful. We played for a while and then we talked about our program. This years theme is ” Down on Grandpas Farm.” […]

Mrs. Wishy Washy

> The kids love the story of Mrs. Wishy Washy. I told them yesterday to expect a special visitor. Little did they know it would be me, disguised as Mrs. Wishy Washy. Getting ready this morning was interesting. I mean, this is the cutest bib apron but why make the bib so small and make […]

Yee Haw!

> Have I mentioned that we have three weeks left in school ? Today we started our last unit of the year. We will be going down on the farm the next three weeks to see what animals are on the farm and learn more about them. We will talk about the tools that are […]

Quack !

> We have talked a lot about things that happen in Spring. It rains. Plants grow. Today we talked about new animals being born in the spring. I have an excellent book called ” The little Duck ” that shows the life cycle of a duck. It is about a little boy that find a […]