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Hansel and Gretel

Published on April 9, 2013 under fairy tales

Randy and I were still attending a training in Little Rock .Basically they expanded on what we learned yesterday and how to implement it in our classroom.   While we were gone, I heard there were parents EVERYWHERE in the classroom. SO sincerely grateful for the parents that came to play while we were gone.

For the Hansel and Gretel story ( which Dallas paraphrased so it wouldnt be so traumatic ) the kids made phone number bracelets .  Please help them use the bracelet to learn their phone numbers. Encourage them to wear it every day and say the numbers over and over.  Knowing their phone number is great if they are ever lost or need to reach you .  Also, it reinforces the numbers we have learned over the year.

They also decorated a candy cottage !  ( I KNEW that gingerbread house I had left over from Christmas would come in handy ! )



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