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Cinderelly Cinderelly

Published on August 27, 2009 under fairy tales

>Wow.. is it Friday yet? It is hard to get into routine but I know it is like exercise. No pain, No gain. So, we keep plugging away. Each day gets a little easier and easier.

Today I told them the story of Cinderella. I think storytelling is a tradition that has been pushed by the way side. By telling it myself, they were able to be more involved in the language i was using. Also, I was able to change up the words to things they are more familiar with or ” things I would like for them to learn.” Example: When Cinderella’s UGLY step sisters were yelling at her and making her do their work- I said they were BULLIES. First, let’s get this out of the way. I donn’t think it is right to call anyone UGLY so we talked about the way they acted MADE them look ugly. There are many other learning opportunities in this story. The clock struck twelve… can you say DONG >>DONG>>> DONG>>>>TWELVE times? We also talked about chores. Does your child do any chores at home. Here is an exert I found on chores for preschoolers.

Ages 2 and 3

Many toddlers are eager to help with chores, and while their “helping” may not always be appreciated, keeping their excitement and the habit of helping out alive, should be. Sticker charts are a great way to keep toddlers excited about helping. Their chores may have to be completed with you helping every step of the way, but you are laying the groundwork for children that find chores and helping a way of life.

Some chores 2-3 year olds can do…
Help make the bed.
Pick up toys and books.
Take laundry to the laundry room.
Help feed pets.
Help wipe up messes.
Dust with socks on their hands.
Mop in areas with help.

Ages 4 and 5

Preschoolers still find helping to be an exciting venture and usually are thrilled when time is taken to teach them new chores. They are ready to do some chores without constant supervision. Rewards at this age are very motivating. A sticker chart that allows you to build up to bigger rewards can be appropriate. For some preschoolers, tying chores to an allowance is a great option and fosters independence in choosing a reward.

Some chores preschoolers can do in addition to the ones above…
Clear and set the table.
Help out in cooking and preparing food.
Carrying and putting away groceries.

We also did an art project with water colors and our initials!



  1. Michelle Wadlow

    Danny had a great day again today! He is really loving school.. He is so worn out by the time I get home, he is fast asleep in his booster seat! 🙂 I just hope he does as well when he realizes mommy isn't there at lunch time, and then he has to take a nap.. If you need any help, let me know!

  2. malena caulkins

    im hoping Dillion can get better at droping him off, i feel bad for him and you guys lol, but im sure it will get better. he loves it, he tells us all about school when he gets home. hope your back gets better and hope next week will be easier.

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