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Oh Christmas Tree

Published on December 16, 2013 under Christmas

When we opened our  advent activity bag today the note said ” Make Christmas playdoh. ”


So we did.




Here is the recipe if you want to make it at home. It is my favorite recipe.  It is from  !



Each child is taking home a little in a baggie today. You . Are. Welcome. 🙂




We also made another ornament.  ( These homemade keepsakes will be sent home Friday so you can put them on your own tree ! )


We read a story called ” The New and Improved Santa.”  It was a really funny book that talked about how Santa went on a diet and changed his hair to red with spikes and wore new cool clothes and said things like ” Yo” instead of  ” Ho Ho Ho.”  The kids really got into the story. I love when reading a story and a  new word comes up that makes the kids question what it means. Today that was murmur.   After reading the word I heard several of the kids saying it under their breath.  ( It is a little fun word to say!) So we talked about what murmur means and practicing murmuring.


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