Jingle Bells

> Mrs. Beth has hung out with us a little today . My dad is still very weak and my mother had chemotherapy and was afraid to leave him alone. Randy is his best bud and Beth was off, so this was an easy fix. Please continue to pray for my parents and their health. […]

Wreaths of Green

> Some days, I just want to strangle Randy. Then there are days like today when Rosanna came in not having so great a morning and he was able to turn her frown… upside down, that I remember how well we balance each other out. I am a lot of things, but silly isn’t one […]

Almost Turkey Day!

> You know normally the children are divided into two groups and they each go out for an hour at a time . While one group is out the other group is doing circle time and eating. If you havent noticed it is cooler outside. Randy is really freezing doing two straight hours. Since I […]

Work Sampling

>The other day I told you I would tell you more about the Worksampling Online Course Randy and I took the other day. Since I am leaving at noon today to drive 7.5 hours to Pocohantas Arkansas to lead a conference tomorrow, I thought today would be a good day to do that. One of […]

Color be Beautiful

> Clara is sorting M&M’s. One of the kids favorite toys is a tape measure. MATH! More measuring !! I love walking into a room and seeing kids writing ! Lacing cards full of colors! Color Puzzles Soft toys – you push the animal and it tells you story . Sorting colored bears. This is […]

Lots of Learning going on !

> Stringing red and green beads onto pipe cleaners. We talked about making a pattern but I didnt insist that they do it ” my way “.  How many apples long is the worm? Jaden’s mom enjoying the fun conversations ! Look, I made a necklace! This takes concentration. Look at Anna’s pattern! This  can […]