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The Very Quiet Cricket

Published on April 30, 2010 under Bugs


Today we read Eric Carle’s ” The Very Quiet Cricket .” Each time the tiny cricket meets someone he wants to say hello so he rubs his legs together but… ” not a sound.” The kids love predictive text. When it comes to words that are repeated on each page I usually stop and let them complete the sentence for me. Reading this book gave us the opportunity to talk about the letter Q and it’s sound. We dont come across it very often. We also talked about things that were loud and soft and other animals that love the night . It was Quite a great day !

These are some pictures that were taken the past two days when I was out.

Today is Friday. It has been a long week. The longest ever… Yesterday my mom was placed on Hospice Home Care. She is quite spunky. She told the hospice doctor ” I am not ready for that. I am not interested. No Thank you. ” 🙂 That made my day tougher. Try figuring out in your head how to convince your mother that we need to take her home to die. She is home now. I spent her first night there with her last night. ( most nights I will…) Being a preschool teacher has somewhat prepared me for this. It is like helping a 3 year old. Her mind is pretty much gone. IN TWO DAYS. It so sad . They told us it will be a few weeks but after researching on the computer last night and reading a book hospice gave me, I doubt it will be a week. Today – she has not eaten all day. That falls in the 2-5 day range. I am ok. I am ok. I am ok. I am convincing myself, you see.
Parents – here is the plan. Mrs. Beth is on call for me. If I am needed there and she is working somewhere I will call Devin or Jody or BOTH to come play. If I have to be gone all day ( calling in family or I just feel like I have to be there) Mrs. Beth will take over. We are meeting Sunday afternoon to make the next three weeks lesson plans, menus and plan the end of the year celebration. My goal is to keep the kids life normal . School is out on May 21 ( program date ) so we can work together and make it three weeks… surely. This seems like a nightmare as we are still grieving the loss of my dad in December, but I cling to the fact that God is in control and has a plan. My mom has been ready for Heaven for years – we are the sad ones. My dad has had just enough time to get used to it and will be able to show her around when she arrives . I covet your prayers and your concerns.

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