Safe Room Practice

We’ve already had a fire drill this month. I am required to do a fire drill and a tornado drill monthly. Today we practiced going quickly and calmly to our […]

Deciding What is Important

So many early education facilities run on schedules. Sometimes those schedules are tight and not flexible. That’s the amazing thing about homes. We can dance to the rhythm of the […]

He Won’t Play with Me

This is a very common phrase in preschool. Small children attach to people and things very easy. They put down a toy and come back 20 minutes later and say […]

Voice Levels

We have friends with really BIG voices. There are a a lot of reasons that children have loud voices. But they absolutely can learn to regulate them. The way that […]

Classroom Rules

What are some “rules” you have at home? Today we talked about rules. When I gave the example of a stop light everyone seemed to understand Every group needs rules […]

Not a Lot. Just a Dot

Introducing materials is important. Sometimes we take for granted that children should know how use materials and then get frustrated when they aren’t used properly. Some of the children have […]

Learning Stories

Today our Friday leaning stories go home. Learning stories is a note written from me to your child documenting something I noticed about the week or a learning goal teacher. […]

Not a Box

Have you ever read the story “Not a Box?” Sometimes the best toys are the unintended ones Today this box Was a club “ no girls allowed m.” This […]

Read Me a Story – AGAIN

Today three of our little girls were still struggling. We have the bench inside the room that we referred to as our “calm down area.” I changed it up a […]


Littles flourish with solid routines. They like knowing what they can expect. They usually only like surprises when it comes in the form of a box with a bow or […]