Spring Brings Growth

Spring brings growth in the garden but it also brings growth in our children. I can hear new vocabulary words being used as we explore new materials . Then Nayomi randomly starts doing math 😳❤️ At the table I hear “ can you please pass the corn?” Jazmine’s self portrait last month. This month she […]

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Today we did a little directed drawing. We made an art piece with plastic eggs and paint. I would say it was a pretty great day !

Writing Our Name

I don’t stress a lot about my children writing their names. We write them on lists when we want a turn for a popular toy. We also sign our name on artwork so everyone knows who did the fabulous job. This time of year even I get a little antsy. You always have those children […]

Ready for Kindergarten

Today is the day the kindergarten teachers come to visit. The usual routine is to read a book and let the children ask questions. Four and five year olds still struggle with what a question actually is so we prepared ourselves . We thought about what we wanted most to know about kindergarten and wrote […]


Today is the kick off for Arkansas Children’s Week. We celebrate it every year. This years theme is JOY. I could manufacture things / activities that bring JOY or we could just do what we do. We also did other things that brought JOY but maybe not quite as much 😛

Outside Play

I’ll be honest, I did not wanna go outside today. You couple the wet with the cold and it’s almost unbearable. However, we did not buy these muddy suits for nothing. You can tell by the look on Royces face above… That outside time was needed and appreciated today. So much learning takes place outside […]

Meal Times

“ Childcare programs – serving breakfast, two snacks and lunch, provide children with up to 75% of your daily nutrition part the part we play in providing substance is dovetailed with promoting social and cultural attachments. Feeding children has won the most fundamental Waze childcare supports the family specifically in the community in general. It’s […]

Spring is Here

It does my heart so good to hear a child yell “Look Ms Debbie!! The tree has flowers!” The Bradford pear tree is so beautiful this time of year. It’s a great science experience for the kids to watch it go from “ branches” ( as Nayomi said) to flowers to leaves. There isn’t a […]

Family Style Dining

Prior to Covid we did a lot of family style dining. Best practice suggested we pause that. I am currently leading a book study where we are really digging into the practice of care. Last week we talked about meals and snack. So much of it felt so relevant to how I feel right now. […]

Dirt From Home

Looking further into our identity in place today each of the children brought in samples of soil from their own yard We took time to look at the dirt and compare who’s was darker and who’s was lighter. We looked at who’s dirt was course and who’s dirt was too fine to roll into a […]