Continued Assessments and On The Job Training

Today I did a little more work on our end of year assessments. I have four more children to work with tomorrow and then I can score. It’s so time […]

So Long Butterflies

Today, we had an enchanting butterfly release party filled with excitement and wonder. As we gathered outside, we pondered where the butterflies might journey to. With anticipation, we settled on […]

Butterflies, Art, and Special Visitors!

In our vibrant and bustling early childhood classroom, every day brings new opportunities for our little learners to explore, discover, and grow. Today was no exception as we embarked on […]

The Butterflies Hatched The day started with a series of assessments, focusing on colors, numbers, and singing the ABC SONG. One particular hurdle while counting seemed to be remembering the […]

Beautiful Flowers

Today we completed one of our art pieces for the art show that was started more than a week ago. The first step was designing the flower pot with squares […]

Creativity and Exploration

Much of our morning was dedicated to creating wonderful artwork for our upcoming show. We invested our time and effort into crafting unique pieces. The children had the freedom to […]

Shiny Earth

Today Brittany filled in while I attended a littles kindergarten transition meeting and took Randy to the doctor. When I returned home we made another earth craft. There wasn’t much […]

A Magical Teddy Bear Picnic

The joy and excitement in the air were palpable as the children arrived with their stuffed animals for the much-anticipated teddy bear picnic. It was a day filled with laughter, […]

Today, in our blog post, we want to share the exciting activities we did with the children to introduce the concept of Earth. We started by showing them an actual […]

Accountability Counts

In recent discussions, the topic of regulating individuals who provide childcare services in their homes has gained significant attention. While some may question the need for such regulations, it is […]