Building Community Not Bias

The children played outside for three hours today. THREE GLORIOUS red leaves falling , mailman sighting, breakfast on stumps hours of JOY. We did take a break and come inside […]


Years ago Mr Randy installed a pulley on the playground with a bucket. He taught the children how to put toys on it and pull them up and down. We […]

Letter Monster

I have had this activity prepped for a couple weeks and just never got around to using it. The intention was one of two things : Children will find the […]

Cooking Wednesday

Today was cooking Wednesday. We made monster pudding. I usually do this activity around St Patrick’s Day. It’s like magic when the white pudding powder turns green Boy did we […]

Is Mr Randy Better?

This morning Randy was in the kitchen starting the chicken in the instant pot for me. Lately that help hasn’t come as often. But the kids heard him in the […]

Preschool Family

It takes a while to build community. At the beginning of the year 10 children arrive and many of them do not know each other and many of them have […]


I take a lot of heat from some of my colleagues about my stance on crafts for children. We sneak one in from time to time. But as a whole […]


I brought out some special Halloween materials yesterday. The children were very intrigued. So today their challenge was to sort The Halloween erasers. They really enjoyed it. This is a […]

Rain Puddles

I thought our fun today was going to be wearing PJ’s all day. Boy was I wrong. As I listened to the rain ping the roof I was like “ […]

Lunch Time Learning

Did you know that meal times are the perfect time for me to teach concepts to children? No sense in sitting with flashcards when we can talk about all of […]