Child-led Teaching

Are you over the table ? Or under the table Community helpers – who needs a unit ? We have the real thing! Do you know the first letter of […]

A Little Encouragement

We are beginning to do a few art projects here abs there to get ready for our end of year art show. Cutting curved lines is not the easiest for […]

The Wish You Well Board

Our day starts with Hazel holding the wish you well board seeing who is here at school and who might be gone. If someone is absent they remain in the […]

Lesson Plans

My lesson plans are not always written. My lesson plans are not always noted with standards next to them. My lesson plans are individualized with goals for each child in […]

Minimizing / Mitigating Risks

Today one of our friends got hurt. It wasn’t my fault but I carry strong guilt when something like this happens. It’s ultimately my job to keep my littles safe. […]


After a rough few days I got up today with the mind set it would be a good day. We did self portraits. We did a cute little fill in […]

What is Valentines

We talked about where the holiday originated briefly. They didn’t care. They did love the special food. They loved delivering their valentines They loved the games. They loved ( kind […]

Pre-Valentines Fun

Our holiday parties are more of a week – long / day long celebration. Too many structured activities makes for very anxious unsettled children. We started celebrating Valentines today. You […]

Teaching Shapes

I could hold up a flash card of a heart or we could paint 100 hearts. Which will I remember? I could hold up color cards and sing color songs […]

So Much Engagement

Children learn more and dig deeper when allowed more time. I’ll give you examples from today. In short periods of time the children will go in the dress up area […]