Self Portrait Expert Mode

You guys know we do self portraits once a month and today was the day. As the children came one by one to the table, it was amazing to see […]

Jello Balls

I try to make sure we do some type of cooking experience once a week. Usually it is Wednesdays. There are so many things that can be learned through cooking. […]

Dear Santa

Christmas is a great time to get kitties excited about writing. Everyone wants to write a letter to Santa. And that’s how we learn “to write” through play.

Positive Intent

Today was a day of getting back in routine. It’s hard for littles to be gone 4 days and return to school to listen , to be in large groups […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we made turkey headbands. Some children needed more help than others. That’s ok! Our ages range from a young 3 to 5 and not all children develop the same […]

Thankful Stick

Our day started off doing all the crafty handprint things While their hands were painted I decided to jump on the Christmas a little too. Might as well 🤷🏻‍♀️ My […]


During Thanksgiving I focus on the meanings of “thankful” and “ gratitude.” We might read a book about the first thanksgiving but honestly it’s too much for littles to understand. […]

Homemade Pie

Today we read the book “ There was an old lady who swallowed a pie.” We’ve read several books in this series. This was the one written for Thanksgiving. First […]


I know you guys are thinking I never see Debbie playing games with the kids. Do you know why? Have you tried to really play a game with a child? […]

Turkey Handprints

Today we did turkey handprints after reading a book introducing Thanksgiving. I showed them how to trace their hand to make the turkey Then the creations took on a life […]