It Snowed

Well – the snow is almost melted on the yard but we found snow in lots of places we could explore. There was even more ice. We felt it. It […]

National Peanut Butter Day

Today was one of the “national” holidays we count up to for fun. Today is National Peanut Butter Day. We made peanut butter / Cheerios cookie clusters. But first – […]

Monday Monday

Mondays are sometimes hard. Today wasn’t too bad. Everyone was here. We celebrated Journey turning 4. Today was SUPER LOUD. Is it th me weather change we are expecting? As […]


Do you realize how BIG it is that 3 kiddos played in the light room for an hour straight ? The average attention span of a three year old is […]

What’s With the Fairy Lights?

Before Christmas I ordered two new sets of fairy lights. I LOVE fairy lights in our room. I think the aesthetic of a room can be as important as materials […]

Calendar Time

If you ask your child about yesterday or tomorrow they likely don’t know. For children before the age of 5/6 it’s like Christmas vacation every day. What day is it […]

How Will They Learn to Write?

So many people ask if we don’t TEACH preschoolers how to write when will they learn? Think about when a child goes to kindergarten. The complaints that are usually voiced […]

Banana Splits for the Win

I had told the children we would cook today. I wasn’t sure what but we would do something. Banana splits were the choice Before you go saying they isn’t really […]

Science Center

You guys don’t come in a lot so you don’t realize most of our science materials are right inside the door displayed on the top of the cubbies . It’s […]

Back in the Saddle

Here we are! It’s a new year. With every car door I opened today I took a breathe wishing you , your little (and myself) well. As luck ( or […]