Cookies at the Cafe

Our day has been jam packed with fun We had visitors first thing this morning. Two former preschool students are in the 8th grade abs job shadowed me today. It […]

Add a Little Ketchup

Once in a while we introduce new foods that you might not serve at home. Did you know it may take 12-15 times to serve a “new food” before your […]

Celebrations and Holidays

Some early childhood programs seem to build their curriculum around the holidays, just going from one to the other on the calendar. We don’t take that approach. We are just […]

How Important are Materials

Today we opened two Christmas gifts from Grahams great grandmother. ( Thank you !) Kids are generally excited about ANY new toy but teachers aren’t always equally excited. Today I […]

Five Little Snowman

We are changing up tradition a little this year. We always do the handprint snowmen on a round bulb. I do change up the colors of the bulb. Today we […]


Traditions are another structure that builds resilience in children and families. I heard another provider tell her families tradition the other day. She said they light candles on Christmas Eve […]

It’s the Season

The day started off a little rocky as a couple littles didn’t want to leave mom after such a long break. Understandable!! Kudos to the mommas who knew they were […]

What is a Turkey?

This the season when I feel the pressure to send home crafts. It starts at Halloween and runs through Christmas. I lovingly call the craptivities. Alas here we are. Yesterday […]

Decisions , Decisions

I had a stack of Thanksgiving books ready to read this week. Then yesterday happened. Children did t want to talk about Thanksgiving they were excited about snow. I did […]


Today on my radar was to begin conversations about what Thanksgiving is. Not really what Thanksgiving is but what being thankful means. We started our discussion this morning with what […]