Embracing Everyday Adventures: Creating Lasting Memories with Our Children

Routines provide a sense of stability and security for children. While routine is important, it’s also crucial to seize special moments and create unique experiences for our children. Whether it’s […]

Slime Making

Imagine the excitement and joy on your child’s face as they witness a transformation from liquid to solid! Slime making is a fantastic way to introduce basic chemistry concepts to […]

Plum Tree

The plum tree in the front yard was put in our yard as a seedling from my childhood home. It brings my heart so much joy to see the children […]


Two of our friends had a disagreement today. We even read a book called β€œWe disagree.” . It was really minor, but you could tell it was a standoff. Four […]

New Toys

Yesterday, as I was cleaning out more excess sources from my upstairs resource room, I ran across these huge plastic animals that have been upstairs for a long time. I […]

A Day in the Park

One thing that my 39 years of experience has taught me is the significance of recognizing when children need to reset. Just like when we yearn for a day spent […]

Creativity for Purpose

One of the highlights of our day was when the children had the opportunity to work collaboratively on a special project. They were tasked with decorating the letters for our […]

Castle Building

Not everyone was invested in our castle building today but it was fun. First we decided together what we would build The girls decided a castle. I used the hot […]

🎨🧩 Today, we delved into the world of imagination and creativity with some simple cardboard pieces we stumbled upon during a church clean-out day. It was truly fascinating to witness […]

🎨🌸 Artful Adventures and Mother’s Day Delights! 🌸🎨

Today we completed our Claude Monet inspired watercolor pictures. The children have put so much effort and imagination into their artworks, and we are truly proud of their masterpieces. To […]