When you are a storyteller you can be an author too ! Today I dictated stories the children wrote and then they illustrated the pages.

When you give children opportunities to practice writing and drawing for fun this happened organically. Today was International Button Day. I’m sure you’ve caught on by now. I use days like this to create interest in the calendar, counting and letter recognition. Today we noticed that button starts with a B. We made a cute […]

Show and Tell

To this day I I am not completely back when they are put in front of an audience. There are just some personalities that are not comfortable talking in front of people. I think we begin to see those tendencies to emerge even as young children. Today was show and tell. It was more about […]

Heggerty Update

We are entering week 13 in our phonemic awareness program. It’s amazing to me how much the children attending their second year have picked up on being able to isolate onset sounds and ending sounds and segmenting words into syllables. If you are interested there are lots of videos on YouTube that explain the process […]

Trip trap trip trap

Today we enjoyed more storytelling. In family time I told the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” We watched the story on you tube. It had a different twist. Then we went outside for THREE HOURS. I thought I would facilitate some play based on our story but guess what ??! Your brilliant littles […]


Today we talked about storytelling. Storytelling can happen from a book or from our imagination or our memory. At breakfast the littles were already telling stories. It happens so naturally. At one point in the morning Nayomi drew a picture and progressed to tell a story about it. That reminds us that sometimes the illustration […]

Pumpkin Jack

We finally carved our pumpkin. In child led programs many times holiday exploration comes AFTER the actual holiday – because that is when they are talking about it and interested. Today we carved and scooped and carved and scooped. We read a book that explained the life cycle of a pumpkin 🎃 Seed Green plant […]

Clean it out

Today I cleaned out the rest of that Halloween bin. Remember the activity sheet books I told you I just couldn’t throw away ? There was also a weekly reader from 2013 👀 We painted the tiny pumpkins and gourds to transition our tables. ( coming home with you in a couple days when they […]

Switching Gears

Of course we switched gears today to Thanksgiving. We did the traditional handprint turkey. We talked a lot about thanksgiving and what that means. It led to a lot of discussion about food. So of course the children started producing a lot of foods and serving them to me and each other. If this conversation […]

Happy Halloween

Today has been a really good day filled with Halloween festivities. We ate a themed breakfast ! We read a story about 5 ghost that were white and ate all white foods. They did until mom left them home alone. Each ghost tried a different food that changed them the color of the food. I […]

Our Bodies Move

Today we continued to look at our bodies and what they can do. Our bodies can dance. Our bodies can move in different ways like in yoga. We also did a storm drill. And a little art.