First Day Of 2023-2024

Today was fairly routine. We have six returning children who know ALL THE THINGS so that was helpful. I of course did the rookie moves like making family time last […]

More Natural Learning

The environment is my third teacher. If I set my environment up and maintain it learning happens. Today the boys were looking for worms and tipping over the hop scotch […]

12 School Days Left

There are 12 school days left in this year. Where did the time go? I am torn this time of year. Even with my proud boasting of developmentally appropriate practice […]


We did another process art today that was so much fun and I think they turned out beautiful. First we explored bubbles The children were amazed. Next we pressed our […]

It Was Great

Today was Great – until it wasn’t. Today was very low key. We’ve been waiting for a day like today where the rain forced us to stay inside and we […]

I Can Do It

There are many times through the day children ask for help. Most times no matter what it is I say “ you try first .” When I jump in I […]

End of Year Assessments

When I was an ABC classroom annual assessments were required. I always did an end of year assessment too – I mean if you have a baseline why not check […]

Even then

Even art work done for art shows can be process art. The biggest difference with this art and all our other art is the children are invited and not given […]

Art Show Prep

We are nearing the end of the year and our art show. Some of our friends are not inclined to do art. Over the next few weeks I will be […]

Spring Clean

This is the time of year we begin cleaning off the winter blah from our outside area. There is usually just normal wear and tear from materials being in the […]