Real Place

With the play invitation yesterday, children began to build their awareness about the area where we play, where everything is in their room and the sizes of things in relation to other things. We started by looking at the globe and talking about how it is really a map and looking at where we are […]

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate Cake?

Today was national chocolate cake day so of course we had to take time to make one We also moved our beans today. Jillian said the need light.

Identity Through Place

As soon as children can talk they start naming things around them and organizing them in their mind. We are going to begin to explore the concept of place and how children build connections with the places they live in. We will begin to look at how the imaginary places play a role in children’s […]

How important is caring?

The past year I’ve been studying a lot and advocating for bridging the divide between care and education. I think they can and should exist in one place. You can’t have care without education and you cant have education without care. As I make my way through the chapters of an amazing book ( Illuminating […]

The Gluing Table

I have been inspired by a couple friends to start a gluing table. ( photo by Denita Dinger. You can find more of her amazing work with children here. What is the benefit? First and foremost PURE JOY. As a teacher you realize for preschoolers gluing isn’t necessarily about anything other than GLUING – […]

Use The Tape

Sometimes as adults we put so much value on “stuff.” The other day I took out some red glasses. They were my moms. I honestly never remember her using them. I just always remember them being there. I remember my mom having a China cabinet that was only opened on holidays. Why do we save […]

It’s a Bird

Today is national bird day. There’s really no significance other than that you know we put things on our calendar that we can look forward to or count up to. This also helps us to begin to recognize letters in a meaningful way. Instead of teaching bird begins with B – in isolation – every […]

Fine motor Skills

Sometimes it’s hard to look at your child’s artwork or their name writing and not be discouraged. Errantly we compare our child to other children or to expectations that are not developmentally appropriate. I don’t teach letter writing but I do help children that are curious and ready. How do I know when they are […]

Ice and Snow

Sadly the snow left as quickly as it came. I knew that would be the case but I banked on the fact that the children would still be curious about the ice. Sunday afternoon I prepared a little ice excavation experience. I was on target. The littles loved trying to figure out how to get […]

Spreading Cheer

Today we talked about what it means to give to others. Is it better to give or receive? At Christmas we spend so much time asking children what they want. A few years ago we started a tradition of delivering goodies to our neighbors to help the children feel the joy of giving. The children […]