When children become interested in writing it just happens. Today Lucy drew this very detailed picture of a snowman , her family and snow ( Because that’s what we are […]

If I was a snowflake …

Today has been a calm day. The children played. They were engaged in creative scenarios made up on their own. we couldn’t even tell it was a Monday – more […]

Self Regulation

Busy. Today was so busy. Many centers limit the number of children that can play in any given center. ( play area.) There are a number of reasons “ people” […]

Back in the Saddle

Today was our first day back since December 21. I saw problem solving. I saw struggling little girls handle it and become silly I saw cooperation. I saw creativity. It […]

Ornament Making and The Gingerbread Boy

We made two more ornaments today. I know. I know. Your child needs their own tree. I try to make sure they are keepsake worthy and sturdy for the years. […]

Coloring Sheets or No?

You guys hear me preach about allowing children continual access to art materials and blank paper. We have LOTS of that. Today Avery and Lucy were having a “let’s follow […]

Christmas Punch

Today is Wednesday and you know what that means. We cooked today. The first thing we put together was a Christmas punch. It’s 1/3 ginger ale 1/3 Hawaiian Punch and […]


Today we made another Christmas ornament Some of them you can’t really tell that it’s a snowman. But if I fixed them and made them perfect, it would be my […]

Oh Christmas Tree

Wednesdays are for cooking. We didn’t actually cook but we did decorate. This is not only a fun activity for the holidays but it also utilizes the fine motor muscles. […]

Taste Test Tuesday

We started a new thing this year. We will do it until it’s not enjoyable anymore. Each Tuesday we find a new food that may be not. Everyone has been […]