Secret Drawings

Apple continue to make marks today the lesson plan called for secret drawings. The children were introduced to colored pencils and asked to cover a part of their page and make it secret . I’m actually not usually really fond on any secrets (of any type) in preschool with this age group. To be honest […]


Resist getting in power struggles with children . It’s not about me being right… It’s about helping the child begin to make choices on their own that are healthy and wise. Instead of yelling “get dressed and get dressed now” give them choices – all of which have your end goal in mind. Today we […]

Level 3 Voice

Today we started discussing voice levels. It’s helpful if everyone uses them at home too. It’s a game changer. Level 0 – no voice Level 1 – whisper Level 2 – normal talking voice Level 3 – the voice you might use to get someone’s attention or talk to a group. Level 4 – the […]

Making the Calendar Meaningful

A lot of early childhood places do calendar time. Ask your child what they did yesterday ? Go ahead. Most don’t know the difference between yesterday , today and tomorrow yet 10 minutes of the day is wasted taking about the month , counting the days and even graphing the weather or creating number patterns […]

Harold And The Purple Crayon

It makes complete sense that as we continue to explore mark making that we read about Harold and his purple crayon. Maybe you remember the story from childhood . If you don’t there’s a link to the story. Harold and The Purple Crayon Wouldn’t be a wonderful world if we could pick up a crayon […]

Developmental Assessments

I’m not even sure if I’m required anymore to do developmental assessment. But I have done baseline assessment on children since 2008 and it definitely is best practice. So I do them . I do assessments of their motor skills like jumping , hopping, catching and writing. I do a concepts assessment . During this […]

Dot markings

Today we continued our exploration of mark making. We experimented making dots on paper. We made tiny dots and large dots. Then we connected them with lines. We connected them with straight lines. we connected them with curvy lines. Don’t judge – Pablo Picasso did the same thing.

I’m not just a scribble ..

We continued our mark making exploration by reading a book called “I’m not just a scribble.” I have never read the book before but I love it. The “scribble” meets a drawing and he won’t play with him because he’s just a scribble. The Scribble talks to him about how beautiful and vibrant his colors […]

What is a Social Story

They are stories that are specifically written to help teach a skill or for emotional and social regulation support. I actually was in a meeting yesterday that I mentioned a book that I had written to help children that were scared of my toilet. 😳 I’ve seen this morning one of the little guys going […]

Scribble Stones

Today we read a story called Scribble Stones . You can find it here After reading the story we went outside and grabbed our chalk and created art of our own on our trike path stones. I love that Nayomi was doing math and had no idea. Something in her head said… Let’s divide […]