Adventures with caterpillars

Every day brings new experiences and surprises, and today was no exception. From a visit by a project manager to the exciting discovery of growing caterpillars, the day was filled […]

Sharing Key Experiences – It’s What We Do

Today marks the end of Arkansas Children’s Week, and this year’s theme, “Sharing Key Experiences,” truly embodies the essence of what we do. In this blog post, we will explore […]

Worms and Writing

In today’s blog post, we are excited to share the wonderful experiences we had with our little learners. Despite the impending rain, we seized the opportunity to venture outside and […]

Signs of Spring

We were able to get outside today. Thankfully the rain held off. There was lots of water play. And lots of clever of teamwork, because they decided how to make […]

Self Portraits

Today was the day we focused on our self portraits! In addition to the actual documentation piece , the wonderful thing is the spontaneous drawing that takes place afterwards.

Today the kids were totally immersed in block building and art. The things that I saw were amazing. This wall is filling up. It’s their art,, it’s their ideas. And […]

Rainy Day Adventures

Title: A Rainy Adventure and Eclipse Preparations! The children started off the day by recalling the facts we learned from our book discussion yesterday. It was amazing to see their […]

Introducing the Eclipse

Allowing children to spend more time outside fosters creativity and imagination, making the eclipse even more exciting. Today I introduced a new book :Reading a book about the eclipse helps […]

Today was a fun-filled day as we celebrated Easter together. We kicked off the festivities by decorating boiled eggs using shaving cream and food coloring, creating beautiful marbled patterns. It […]

🐰🎨 Today, we had an absolutely wonderful time creating Easter bunny masterpieces on canvas. 🌟 These art pieces turned out to be incredibly adorable, and what’s even more special is […]