Pumpkin Exploration

Today we begin our exploration of pumpkins. I really wanted to wait until Monday but they’ve been rolling around in my trunk for a few days. Of course the kids […]

The Thrill of the Hunt

The boys caught a glimpse of something behind the shrubs that line the porch. It sparked their curiosity and they spent an hour looking and trying to “excavate” surprises. They […]

A Horrible No Good Day

That’s a book. Today was hard. We had lots of meltdowns, children telling me no very aggressively and hurting of friends. Most times when we have days like this I […]

Let’s Talk About It.

Most of you were at the meeting last night so today let’s look at where learning took place through play SE1- interacts with peers CD2.3 regulates impulses, and behaviors MT1 […]

Language Assessment

Today we finished up our Dial 3 Assessments! Todays focus was on language. Language is not just articulation. It’s rhyming and letter recognition and letter sounds. It’s knowing what to […]

Cognitive Screening

Cognitive skills, also called cognitive functions, cognitive abilities or cognitive capacities, are brain-based skills which are needed in acquisition of knowledge, manipulation of information and reasoning. They have more to […]

Dial 3

I do assessments at the beginning at end of the year. I’ve used the Dial 3 assessment tool for years. It’s my favorite. The assessment is primarily given to make […]

Days Like Today

Days like today were made for children. I hope you got a chance to go outside. It is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t get a picture in the moment – obviously- […]

National Dot Day

Today is international dot day. Every year we revisit the story “ The Dot” and do some artsy something or other to go with the holiday . https://youtu.be/sg-aGFsOk1I?si=HgSE1wsHD257eKIU Here’s the […]

Ice Cream for Breakfast

Yesterday we made signs to welcome Mr Randy home. Today he joined us for breakfast. We decided as a group that ice cream for breakfast is always a great way […]