Exploring the Magic of Dramatic Play : a Glimpse Into Our Day

I wanted to take a moment to share the joy and growth we witness each day as your children engage in dramatic play. Today, we embarked on an exciting adventure […]

Second Semester is my Favorite

It’s heartwarming to witness the children’s continuous growth and creativity in their block exploration. Each day, their structures become more intricate, showcasing their development. As a teacher focusing on social-emotional […]

Fostering Fine Motor Skills and Creativity with Block Play

Today, as we delved deeper into the world of block play and construction, we introduced a new element of intentional fine motor skill development. By incorporating skills that society deems […]

National Cherry Pie Day

Today is national cherry pie day. We had it written on our calendar, so of course we had to make cherry pie. Avery and Lucy worked hard using our child […]

Adding Literacy to Blocks

This morning in family time we talked about the structures that we have built in the block area. Then our discussion moved into “ when we are in our car […]

What Am I Proud Of?

Most of our time was spent playing today. There are lots of really wonderful things that happened during that play such as the amazing block structures. While outside one of […]

Valentines Day

Holidays can be so chaotic. We choose the path of least resistance but still struggle. Believe it or not kids love routine and when their routine is messed up they […]

Valentines Activities

Yall know I don’t prefer teacher directed crafts but at holidays it’s almost a given they are on the plan. Today we painted ceramic hearts. This was an activity I […]


Our pattering looks a little different than most. Red, white, red , white The skill is learned whether it’s on a paper , with tiny colored plastic bears or with […]

A Project

In a childled environment your hope as a teacher is that the children gravitate towards something that you can dig deeper into. It can be even more impactful when all […]