Leprechaun Tricks

Today was so much fun. The children found leprechaun clues all day – even clues I didn’t plant. 😂 We started our day investigating all the mischief that crazy leprechaun […]

More St Pattys Day Fun

Today we sorted colors of the rainbow – an edible rainbow. For my older children, I simply said, let’s sort all of the colors put the red together the yellow […]

Writing with Purpose

Our friend Tatum got hurt yesterday. We decided as a group to make him a get well card. Sometimes in April and May I get nervous about my kiddos going […]

Oh Leprechaun

Remember during holidays that the old thematic to Trinity sometimes close to the surface. As much as I try to push it down there, she is. My children have not […]

Monday Madness

Mondays are always fun I think the kids genuinely miss each other. They play as a large group or pack all day They play house They play super hero They […]

The Day the News Came to School

The news station has spent a total of 3 hours in our space this week. Your littles were SO very good. I loved that he took video of the things […]

Cooking and Math

Today the children cooked their own lunch. They made individual pizzas. First. We spread the pizza sauce Next we add the ground beef and pepperoni Last we sprinkle mozzarella cheese […]

Pre-k 1 Boys

Boys ( Especially boys) that are in their first year of PreK are not ready to write. They doesn’t keep me from introducing writing materials but it does signal me […]

The Front Yard Boards

Today the children were playing with the boards in the front yard. That’s not unusual. My neighbor has changed her desk so she looks straight out the window. She texted […]

Outside Play

We came outside today after breakfast anticipating rain. I wanted to make sure the children got some outside time to play. During warm weather months many times we meet on […]