Art Show Prep

We are nearing the end of the year and our art show. Some of our friends are not inclined to do art. Over the next few weeks I will be […]

Spring Clean

This is the time of year we begin cleaning off the winter blah from our outside area. There is usually just normal wear and tear from materials being in the […]


This is the time of year where worms are abundant. The fun is in finding them. Traditional preschools might do a worm unit that looks like this – I will […]

Crushing Fine Motor

We started out the day doing our self portraits . Hazel added glasses to hers today ! Then we did a still life drawing of the beautiful tulips that Yaels […]

Can We Meet Curriculum Goals Outside?

This month I am working with another group that is focusing on outdoor play. We are talking about all the standards we meet inside and how they can be met […]

Monday Transitions

Mondays are almost always the same. The children are excited to see each other and play and explore They are also tired and needing extra rest from the weekend. Especially […]

We See Spring

Well we don’t actually SEE spring but we see signs of spring. This morning we ate breakfast outside As the children sat they began to hear and see birds flying […]

Pure Joy

Today we were outside and three different times it started to rain. My first instinct was RUN. Next I remembered that no less than 10 times that morning I had […]

Spring is Here

We are beginning to spend more time outside. Today was 1.5 wonderful hours. There are so many opportunities outside for learning. I mean , look at this genius hack our […]

Leprechaun Hunt 2

Due to cold weather the week before spring break we postponed our leprechaun hunt. When I woke up today I had so many conflicting feelings. The leprechaun hunt is an […]