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Sugar High

Published on February 13, 2014 under Valentines

Oh yes … today  we played fine motor games with candy and did a little math assessment with candy ! Who would have thought that was possible ???






























































A minute to win it ! How high can you stack the sweet tarts ?

I could do 12 before it fell but not even I decided to make mine a pattern.

The other game was with candy kisses.  The  numbers 1-7 were drawn on a heart on the plate and as i called out the numbers the children found the correct numeral and covered it up with a candy kiss.  All but one of the children got EVERY NUMBER correct the first time.  YAHOO!























We looked at our sweet tarts that we put in the two water glasses and the one we put in the freezer to see what changes have taken place. The water tarts had dissolved almost completely and the frozen one was….. well….  frozen.  🙂



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