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Mr Sun

Published on February 17, 2016 under Things in the Sky
Mr Sun

Today we started our day by reading a book called ” The Sun Is Our Friend.”   One important thing we found out when we read the book is that the sun is a star !

Part of our day was filled with Ms Debbie doing Dial Three Assessments.  My grant states that I need to do developmental assessments on each child within 45 days of enrollment.    Today was the day that I needed to stop and get Lilly and Vallie’s assessments done.   They are two smart little girls.   I will do the other children’s assessments again in a few weeks before parent conferences and we will talk about the results and set new goals.



We made a mango cake !   Cooking experiences are important to children.  We learn so much about math ( measuring ) , science ( how properties change from liquid to solid ) and we strengthen our motor skills with all that mixing.   We also practice our social skills as we learn to be patient and wait for our turn.  There is also learning to listen to auditory instructions and following  one and  two step directions.    The cake was served at lunch.  Today’s lunch was a tuna salad sandwich, carrots and pears.    We talked about how our lunch was healthy and the cake… well.. not so much.   We decided that in order to enjoy a piece of cake we needed to eat atleast two healthy items on our plate, leaving only one as something we did not care for.   Most of the kiddos followed through and tried !








We also started a little science experience of cause and affect. What will happen to the black paper under the items when  it is left in the sun ?




We did a little cloud watching .



It was quite a busy day .




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