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Finished Faces

Published on January 18, 2012 under diversity

Today was a good day.  I love it when I can look around and hear  the hum of children playing.  Sometimes you can almost feel it… like a heart beat.  Does that mean that every day is perfect – ha! No!   But you see… if days were perfect the children wouldn’t have as many opportunities to learn or use their problem solving skills.  Now, I have to admit that I am more thankful for this HUM on some days and less on others – probably depending on what other stresses are going on in my life but have found my happy place where I expect a hum and even appreciate it.

Today we looked at a book about a little boy names Enrique.   Enrique had brown skin but also had something else that made him stand out. He couldn’t speak or hear.  This book reminded us that not only skin color causes some people to be mean – sometimes it is other differences.

Yesterday we pained heads with flesh tones. Today we put the faces on them. We had to wait for the paint to dry.































We also had some new toys on the table today. A new puzzle that had some multicultural friends on it and a to called HOT DOTS Jr.  It is a self correcting game that a child can play alone. I have the patterns, alphabet and numbers series !































We did go outside today for about 40 minutes.   The wind was not blowing so it wasn’t too bad .  I loved seeing the kids playing on the stage that Randy built for the music area.


























And… why didnt they have cute hats like this when I was a kid ?
















And lastly I wanted to show you our colorful yummy lunch today.  We still have some kids that sit a lot and refuse to eat at all.  I have a suggestion.  If you will not give them a snack ( remembering that 15 minutes before you picked up at the end of the day they had a snack.) and have them wait until supper, they might start to eat a little more nutritious food for you.  As a grandparent I know how hard that can me.  Every Wednesday I pick G up from school and we got into a habit of getting ice cream. She has Team Kid at church at 6 so I have to feed her supper before then. She would not want to eat.  Why ? She was filled up from the ice cream.   On the way home at 8 p she was hungry again.  I totally messed up her eating cycle and replaced her nutritious food times with junk quick foods out of convenience and wanting to show her love .  But is that really love ?  We stopped that ice cream venture ( most days ) and now we spend that extra time playing a game or something.  Love is action.. not food.  ( Debbie steps off soapbox number 2. )
















I won’t even tell you how much of this yummy lunch ended up in the garbage.



  1. Marcella Grammer

    I really like the new blog spot. I like the new picture at the top and all the updating you have done. You are a very good teacher Miss Debbie. Thank you for all you do for our kids.

  2. Michelle

    I have come to really appreciate that “Hum” now that I don’t get it often 🙂 With my 3 little ones always churning up trouble, there isn’t always time for the HUM to get going and take hold… but we are working on it. Like you said, ” if days were perfect the children wouldn’t have as many opportunities to learn or use their problem solving skills.”
    PS…. I Love Your New Music Stage!!!!

  3. charlotte jones

    i love it when you post the photos not only of the kids, but of the food they eat(? some). i try to not fix the kids what they had for lunch and sometimes it is hectic and i forget to look at the notebook. also, all of your food alwalys looks so yummy. todays, especially, looked so good and it is such a shame and a waste to throw it away, but you cant MAKE them eat it. i wished mckayla did better, but she “cant’t like brocolli, salad, peas and pineapple!!!!” probably alot more, but those she is very verbal about. you do such a good job with the planning and the cooking and we do appreciate you. ljust one of the MANY things we, as parents and grandparents, love about the Bright Beginnings Family!

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