Who’s Birthday is it anyway ?

Today we slowed down our gears a little to talk about  ” who’s birthday is it anyway ? ”                       […]

Group Art ?

Patterning is an important math skill for kids.  Is it important in preschool .. maybe not but if they can ” get it ” why not ?  I especially like […]

A Look Around Our Room

It is Friday and we are all doing the Friday dance. I am SUPER excited today that my daughter , Danielle will be flying in tomorrow morning to LIVE in […]

5 Little Pumpkins

Today I focused most of our activities on counting.   In small groups we read a  counting book called two little witches.  It is great for getting the kiddos to […]

Rainy Days Can Be Productive !

Today started out with rain.  You would think we would dread rainy days but for some reason rainy days are usually good ones for me.    I wouldn’t push my […]


> We made it to the end of our first week. I could tell many of the kids were really getting worn out near then end. There is very little […]

Happy Mothers Day ! ( Spoiler Alert )

> The spoiler alert is for any moms of my preschoolers that read this blog and plan to wait until Sunday to open their gift from the little ones. STOP […]

Jelly Beans and Hair Cuts

> Today we did some math activities with jelly beans. I had forgotten to get them last night so Williams mom rescued me. Thanks MARY! We estimated and graphed and […]

Spring Break… not really !

> Today we had 11 kids show up for school out of 16. I was able to spend some quiet time watching the kids play and was really touched by […]

One Potato Two Potato

>What a busy day! Today was my moms birthday so I took the afternoon off to celebrate with my brother while she celebrated on the streets of Heaven. But before […]