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Published on August 19, 2011 under math


We made it to the end of our first week. I could tell many of the kids were really getting worn out near then end. There is very little ” sitting and relaxing” while the kids are here. These kids go 100 MPH for the most part. Hopefully the weekend will give them time to rest and recoup for next week. On Monday we may have a few that have forgotten how much fun we have and struggle with drop off again.
Today we went on an inside scavenger hunt. I gave each of the children a picture of something in the room and they set off to find it. This type of activity engages many skills including recall and problem solving.

Bet you never say a dinosaur play with blocks. This ones name is Scarlett.

By painting with little brushes we learn how to hold a pencil.

The nesting dolls were one of the favorites today.

Emeri enjoyed playing with the playdoh that one of the moms made. Thank you !

We read ” The Kissing Hand ” today. The last page of the book has Chester Raccoon doing the sign language for ” I love you.” Kimber was excited to show us on his picture he brought from home that his mom was doing that too.

Did you notice different tables today? I HATED the new tables . Thankfully I had ” sold” them to friends that were willing to let me have them back. Today felt much better. I was able to put more materials out. I now have 4 24 inch high tables for sale. I will bite the shipping on them if anyone is interested in buying one for 90.00 each. It is a good buy, I got them on sale.

I hope everyone got the note I sent out today. I know sometimes we do have to be flexible but i promise you the things we are asking you to do, will make it easier and better for everyone in the end if we all hang in there together.

Bring on week 2 – Im ready.


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