The Magic Pocket

Today was another really LOUD day.  Winter days are more difficult on everyone.  There isnt as much moving and grooving and all that pent up energy shows up in louder […]

Why Environmental Print ?

  We tried a different food today in an attempt to be more healthy.  Alas, the Edamame dip did not go over well today. I think a couple of the […]

We SURE pack a lot in a day !

We have been busy beavers today. We have sorted apples and pumpkins. We have played a syllable counting game .  We just called it the clapping game to see how […]

Leaves and Math

Today was the day we all brought leaves in.  ( What !!! You forgot ?? Dont worry i have trees and Ive got your back! We sorted them and counted […]

It’s time to turn on the heater !

Today as the kids came in it was COLD!  Never fear though, our heater has been on for two days AND I even turned up the  temperature on our water […]


Today has been a slow dreary day.  It’s been nice and we all had fun knowing it was Friday and we wouldnt see each other for a while.   Another […]

Sorting and Counting and Opposites , Oh my !

I love getting to nap time and feeling like ” Today was a good day. We accomplished a lot and we are all happy about it. ” Today is that […]

Cooking Pumpkin

Wednesday’s are usually our cooking day and today was no different .  Chef Randy and the kids made two ingredient pumpkin cookies. So yummy and so easy to make . […]

The Leaves Are Changing

Today was a BUSY day.  On Tuesday’s Ms Dallas isnt here and she makes things SO much easier.  An extra set of hands goes a long way with 16 kids! […]

Its Pumpkin Time

Today I met the kids outside . I just hate to waste such beautiful mornings.  The kids come in smiling . I have a cup of warm coffee in my […]