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Acorn Art

Published on October 26, 2017 under DAP

Sometimes allowing kiddos to explore means letting go of even more control.  Yesterday I showed the kids a picture of some acorns someone had painted or stained on pinterest .  Today – they decided we should paint our acorns.


Sometimes toys are over rated . We like boxes and tarps.


One of the easiest way to ” teach” littles without ” teaching ” them is to play games.  Today I took out a memory game. These are the skills that playing a game like memory helps with.


1- Healthy exercise to your brain.

2- Improve concentration.

3- Enhance the cognitive skills.

4- Boost the brain functionality.

5 – Train your visual memory.

6- Increase short-term memory.

7- Prevent memory-related illness.

8- Help to keep focus.

9- Increase attention.

10- Playing memory games against the clock forces us to think fast 

But there are others also.  Like back and forth conversation and turn taking.  Following rules  like — you only turn over 2 cards and not 3.   And counting.. how many cards do you have ?  Also math concepts like more, less, equal and least.  And last but not least… how it is ok to not have more cards and be happy for your friend. I had NO ONE upset today that they didn’t  ” win .” I didn’t use the term win or lose but stressed the math concepts.  It was a fun day. Playing games with preschoolers takes patience and a good humor.  ( Hint for games like this.. only use 1/4 of the playing cards.  The whole stack would be overwhelming. )


I feel like I am finally recovering from the lack of rest and conference planning. The fog is lifting.

Today was a good day.


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