Our tongue is our taster

> Today the we talking about tasting one of MY favorite things to do ! We talked about how we use our tongue to taste things and we even checked […]

Do you SEE what I see ?

> Did you know we have a treasure chest ? It is a decorated chest that we let the children get in when they do something special or their behavior […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

> It is so cold outside. The cold wouldnt be so bad if the wind wasn’t blowing. Layers work best in this kind of weather. Remember our quality standards state […]

Do you hear what I hear ?

> This morning we went on a listening walk. We heard big dogs and little dogs . We heard birds, and crickets and squirrels and cars driving down the street. […]

Tasting Party !

> Our day started rockin’ when Nolan showed up with Cathy’s Corner pancakes. YUM- O ! We have been talking about the five senses this week and today was taste […]

The sense of touch

> We thought the day was going to be a bust again for our trip to the flower shop. We had a special visitor come in this morning to read. […]

First Field Trip of 2010-2011

> Before I give a run – down of today, let me back up to Friday to say ” Hello ” to a couple more grandparents that stopped by on […]

Fun in the Sun

> What a fun day ! Today we took off to the park around 9:30 and returned home at 11:30 . Before leaving home we read ” The Listening Walk” […]

Be careful little eyes what you see

> Today we talked about our eyes. The kids cut out eyes to make a collage. Cutting is still very difficult for some of my kiddos. If you are a […]

Taste test !

>( Excuse the late post as I left at 12:00 to take my mom to chemo ) One of the fun things we did today was have a taste test. […]