Coke Rocket

>Today we had fun celebrating that this was our next to last day in school. We have been talking a lot about what kindergarten will be like and the friends […]

This Weather

>This weather is driving my sinus’ crazy and I think I am getting a cold.  I know – whine whine whine. This is not the time of year that I […]

Lets go outside!

>This morning just felt like a day to be outside to me.   When I woke up the birds were chirping and the wind was blowing a slight breeze.   […]

Last Week of School

>Today we spent time getting ready for our program this Friday night  .   One of the things I have been working on is the end of the year DVD. […]

Fun Friday!

>HAPPY FRIDAY! Today we began our day trying to beat the rain and squeezing in our outside time before breakfast. We played outside for about 30 minutes, and then came […]

What a great day!

>From Mrs. Beth: This is my very first blog posting EVER, so here goes… We have had a great day together! I am so excited I get to be here […]

Hump Day

>I put some old pictures out on the table this morning. This is what I heard. JP!! He goes to my church. There’s Alyssa! When she was here we played […]

Cinco De Mayo

> Today we celebrated Cinco De Mayo!  At the last minute as I glanced at the menu for today – beef stroganoff , I thought SURELY I could have planned better than […]

Broken Hearts

> Gavin and Amelia made a wonderful creation with our new linking manipulatives.   Getting  ready for Mothers Day! This is a video that I made last Friday.  Elliot for […]


>I finished our end of the year assessments today.  ( Everyone except  Clara who was absent . We missed you Clara!)    I was really in awe of the improvements […]