Red or Green?

> Today has been a normal day. Some of the fun we had: Randy put together a floor puzzle with some of the kids. We stamped red CIRCLES ( apples […]

File Folders Going Home

>Today we have explored apples more. We did a sink and float activity . Do you think an apple sinks or floats? Do you remember bobbing for apples when you […]

Way up High In the Apple Tree

>Way up high in the apple treeTwo little apples smiled at meI shook that tree as high as I couldDown came the applesMM MM Good ! Today Randy had a […]

Apples , Apples , Apples

>Today we kicked off a unit on apples. A is for Apple !!!! We decided to walk to IGA and explore the store for things that are made of apples, […]


>I did blog today. I guess i have learned this week that I cannot work ahead and come back to publish later. So… scroll down to the little red hen.. […]

Run Run as Fast as you can

>Today’s fairy tale was ” The Gingerbread Man” . We had a mystery reader come it to read the story. CLARA’s Poppy ! ( Clara’s grandmother ) She read the […]

Little Red Riding Hood

>What a rainy dreary day today was ! I do enjoy those ever once in a while though. I got to spend more time visiting with my new little friends. […]


>I wrote posts two weeks ago to make updating a little easier and say things I wanted to say… I didnt realize when I edited for the day and published […]

The Little Red Hen

>Do you know the story of ” The LIttle Red Hen?” Friday normally is our cooking day,but somehow we didnt get to that today. We were going to cook bread […]

The Ugly Duckling

>The Ugly Duckling is a perfect time to remind each child how special he or she is. Have you told your child lately how much you love them? Have you […]