Row Row Row your Boat

>The children are all sleeping…. shhhh….. Today we started to explore water transportation.  We read Noah’s Ark.  ( Yes, we can do that…) The kids loved the story. It was […]

Paper Airplanes

>Today  we expanded on our talk of things that can transport us in the air. We read a book called ” Peter and Peggie” Pilot.  In the book we talked […]

5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 Blast off

>Today we talked about ways to ride through the air. I am convinced that my kiddos watch too much TV. They ALWAYS say… a bird!   I would hate to […]

You have a WHAT up your nose?

>Usually once a year one of our friends succeeds on sticking a bead or some other foreign object up their nose. Today…. tada… .was the day! Thanks Katie, you are […]

The Wheels on the Bus

> The wheels on the bus go Round and Round Round and Round Round and Round  The wheels on the bus go Round and Round All through the town ! […]

Thing that go!

>The kids were greeted this morning by all kinds of new things to explore on the table.  We had tiny jet airplanes to count and sort.  A new 25 piece […]

Happy Presidents Day !

>Today has been a slow fun day.  I would guess it was a lot like Saturdays at your house.  The kids helped me take all the Valentines fun down and […]

Mommy and Me Tea

>It was fun . Thanks everyone for showing up  and celebrating Valentines with me!

I Wuv You…

>Today has been another fun day.  It has been nice to have Valentines fun without working up to the inevitable sugar buffet, crowded room and chaos.  Today has been about […]

Oh wont you be my Valentine

>Today we worked on our Valentines Envelopes that will hold out friends valentines.  It is really fun to watch the kids creativity as they decide what to do. Planning a […]