But I Hate Broccoli

Parents often worry because they think their young children don’t eat enough. Some children seem to be naturally finicky. But others simply may be overwhelmed by the amount of food placed on their plates so they don’t know where or how to begin eating. How much food is enough? And how we can we get […]

Health Department and skittles.

Those two things have zero in common. I guess they REALLY do since one agency checks food safety and one is a food. but it seemed like a creative title none the less. Skittles – Today we sorted skittles on a turkey and then ate them. The kids love doing activities like this and it […]

Turkey Smirky

Every. Stinking. Holiday I forget how much I loathe teacher directed crafts. I know y’all love them as parents so it’s so hard for me. This is how it goes . Please wait you turn. Be patient Oh no , that’s the back. This is the front. Please be patient. ( All the while I […]

Cornbread and Butter

To children, the world of cooking is magical. We combine all kinds of ingredients, then stir, simmer , boil, or bake and presto! – Something delicious is created! Being asked to help with cooking makes kids feel grown-up and important. And when they cooperate with others to make a dish, they take great satisfaction in […]

Math Moments

In every classroom, at any time during the day, the potential for a math moment exists. Our room is one big learning center where strands of mathematical discovery are continually being woven. Children learn to make sense of their world through every day experiences . To stimulate a math moment I use a variety of […]

Today we:

Today we read the book “Rabbit Listened.” It’s one of my favorite books. A little guy is building a block structure and it fell. He was upset. His friends tried to help. The bear growled and got angry for him. The hyena laughed to make him feel better. The ostrich – oh you know – […]

The Fine Art of Daydreaming

Many adults think a child’s mind and body should be continually busy. They believe that only when kids are doing something are they really learning. But a tendency to over schedule can actually be counterproductive to the learning process. It doesn’t allow a child time to be inventive or reflective. Just as young children need […]

Helping children make decisions

Helping children learn to make decisions is challenging for parents and teachers . Children do not always make the wisest choices. Occasionally, however, experiencing the consequences of a poor decision is the best learning experience. It is through making small decisions that children develop the judgment and self-confidence to make larger and larger decisions as […]

Creativity vs Crafts

I know we have had this conversation many times but the holidays are a great time for the reminder. Remember when you attempted to put together your child’s first instructions enclosed, all parts included, no batteries required toy ? So many steps had to be done a certain way that you had to refer to […]

Children and Nature

When I looked at the projected temperatures for the day I knew it was going to be very warm. I knew it might be our last chance to get to the park. Of course, I have the same small worries that everyone else has but I think the benefits far outweigh the risks. When we […]