Colors in nature

Today we took a walk in the neighborhood with color swatches in hand looking for shades of colors that match. As we looked at nature we talked about colors that were darker or lighter than our swatch. The color we struggled with the most was distinguishing light green. Some called it white. Others called it […]

Splitting Black

We’ve done a lot of color mixing and we’ve learned that you make different colors when you combine primary colors. They know that green can be made by mixing blue and yellow but I wonder what the children think about the color black. The children know if you mix all the paint colors it turns […]

Experiments / Experiences

We did a lot of scientific experiences today. I don’t usually call them experiments with the kids because we are in it more for the experience and the language that takes place. I’m not needing them to draw a hypothesis of why something happened at this point in their development. We are just having fun […]

Color Throwing

A friend from New York did a color throwing activity at her family childcare home the other day and I thought “ why not?” It looked like great fun. So we did it. We only had one rule. Throw paint on the fence . There was lots of conversation while they were playing. Why is […]

Dial 3

I am required to do assessments on children within 45 days of enrollment. I think even if I was not funded through government sources I would continue to do this. It is absolutely a pain in the booty and takes a lot of my time but I learn so much. You get to see what […]

These are the colors of the rainbow …

This week we continue to look at colors. Many times children’s favorite thing to paint or color is a rainbow. I think because there are so many colors represented. It’s a perfect way to engage their natural curiosity We started singing a new song today. Red and orange, red and orange Yellow, green, yellow, green, […]

Science and colors

Almost every early educator has a science shelf in their room. Quite honestly many of the things on that shelf rarely get moved or even looked at. Most times they are there to meet a standard on an environmental rating scale. When you can make science real to children is where you see the rubber […]

Colors can be complicated

A color unit might seem very basic and not needed. You might think that especially for children that are in their second year of preschool. We have taught children colors since the day they were born. We tell them to pick up the blue ball or go stand next to the pink flower. When they […]

Asking The Right Questions

When working with children much of my time is spent just watching and listening . Sometimes I ask questions but I try to be careful about what I ask and how I ask it . Asking simple questions that require a “yes” or “no” do not encourage language or conversation. Asking questions I already know […]

Hello Fri-yay!

For some kiddos Monday is hard after a long weekend. For other kiddos Friday is hard because they’re exhausted from keeping up the schedule. I get it. I woke up at 2:30 this morning and could not go back to sleep. I’m struggling with being a little cranky myself.🤣 I’m sure you guys all know […]