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Butterfly Release

Published on April 26, 2019 under Winter
In the morning we prepped our game faces. We pretended we were butterfly's drinking nectar. And then we released our butterfly friends. It was a pretty Good Friday.
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Cakes and Caterpillars

Published on April 25, 2019 under Spring
  Since we are having a butterfly release party tomorrow we decided a cake was necessary.  I mean, they also suggested tattoos and balloons and presents but I was able to pull them back to…
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Butterfly Business

Published on April 24, 2019 under Winter
Today the excitement over our butterflies continued. We now have 6 beautiful painted ladies ! We played a butterfly dance song and flew around the room Some kids made a proboscis out of straws and…
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Butterflies 🦋

Published on April 23, 2019 under Winter
Last night after school was out one lone butterfly emerged. I was so excited. By this morning 3 more butterflies had metamorphosed . We read the Eric Carle book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar ." We…
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Spring !

Published on April 22, 2019 under Winter
Today it officially felt like spring outside from the time the children arrived until lunch it was wonderful, sunny , amazing, windy and perfect weather. I took it vantage of the small muscles that I…
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Egg-stra exciting

Published on April 19, 2019 under Winter
I didn't feel today was very exciting but Holly stoped by to get her check and savanna immediately yelled "Ms Holly where have you been ? You missed all the excitement. " So here's a…
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Art Show Shenanigans

Published on April 17, 2019 under Winter
Our art displays are ready. Today I asked the children how people would know to attend. We brainstormed answers until finally we landed on making invitations. Later in the morning a few children chose to…
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A Side of Crazy

Published on April 16, 2019 under Winter
That's what I felt like today was, just a little side of crazy. The morning was chilly at first but we enjoyed being outside. When spring comes the children's activity level and energy increases tenfold.…
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Children and Pets

Published on April 15, 2019 under Winter
Most children love animals, whether they are watching lions or gorillas at the zoo, running with the family dog or feeding the classroom guinea pig. This natural attraction is the perfect opportunity for children to…
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Jack and His Bean

Published on April 10, 2019 under Winter
Sometimes I do feel a little guilty spending all day outside and not taking a look at our goal sheets or early learning standards. So I try to be intentional about bringing the inside to…
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