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Counting Doesn’t Add Up to Math

Published on September 9, 2019 under Winter
Sometimes we tend to think to simplistically about mathematics and young children. You hear someone say " my daughter knows all her numbers. She can count to 20. " While counting is an accomplishment, it…
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Parent conferences

Published on September 6, 2019 under Winter
The purpose of parent conferences at Bright Beginnings is mainly just continued conversation that we normally have anyway to discuss goals and expectations for the children. Usually I have data to present such as assessment…
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Published on September 5, 2019 under Winter
You can learn so much about children just by listening to the conversations. Today I spent some time sitting at the table with the kids playing Play-Doh , They all were cooking something. One child…
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Material Rotation

Published on September 4, 2019 under Winter
One of the indicators of a high quality classroom is when the materials change to peak interest. Have you ever taken a toy and just moved it to a different part of the house and…
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Published on August 28, 2019 under Winter
We try to cook at least once a week. We decided that today would be a good day to start that. The children joined me in the kitchen two or three in a time to…
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Water water …

Published on August 27, 2019 under Winter
Between the storm last night and the rain barrel we had pouring going on everywhere today. The more children are allowed to fill and dump outside the more successful they will be inside when they…
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Published on August 26, 2019 under Winter
Monday Monday. I think sometimes Monday gets a bad rap. We really didn't have a bad day at all. We had a momma drop in to play I've really come to believe that with this…
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Slave Labor

Published on August 23, 2019 under Winter
As you know I am the President of the Arkansas Early Childhood Association . In October we have a large conference with educators presenting workshops. Your kiddos are helping me with the presenters "thank you…
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A Little Water

Published on August 22, 2019 under Winter
A little water never hurt anyone. We played inside for a while this morning. We had a visitor that enjoyed seeing how we learn. She saw the tools we use to practice fine motor. Then…
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You Guys

Published on August 21, 2019 under Winter
I wish I could explain to you the amazingness of this group this year. They are busy and engaged but calm and helpful. In the past we have had cliques where children's feelings were hurt…
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