Measuring Pumpkins

Today we did a little math. How tall is each pumpkin ? Which pumpkin is the smallest ? Which pumpkin is the heaviest ? Curiosity through play leads to understanding.

Monster Pudding

First we had to draw the monster faces on the cups. Lucy and Avery did this for everyone. They did a great job. Next we used math skills to make […]

Name Building

Today we spent some time building our fine motor skills and working on our names. It’s important for a child ( going into kindergarten) to not only know how to […]

Environmental Print

Adding letters and numbers ( colors and shapes too) to our environment helps children learn foundation kindergarten readiness knowledge through play. These are our new fun playground features

Validation ❤️

We have a visitor each Thursday. She is a speech therapist. She is new to us. I enjoy her. She does her job the way it should be done in […]

Rain and Pumpkins

Today the children asked to start the day outside. Why not ? We stayed outside through four or five rain showers. There was no lightening so it was safe. I […]

Representational painting

We did our first representational painting Hey kids. Here’s a pumpkin. What do you notice? It’s orange. It has lines. It has a brown stem. It’s round. Let’s paint it […]

Pumpkin Exploration

Today we begin our exploration of pumpkins. I really wanted to wait until Monday but they’ve been rolling around in my trunk for a few days. Of course the kids […]

The Thrill of the Hunt

The boys caught a glimpse of something behind the shrubs that line the porch. It sparked their curiosity and they spent an hour looking and trying to “excavate” surprises. They […]