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Fingerplays and Action Songs

Published on November 1, 2018 under Winter
Rhymes and movements for the hands and fingers, some of which date back almost 2000 years, are still used in early childhood classrooms, as well as the more modern action songs that involve the whole…
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Celebrations and Holidays

Published on October 30, 2018 under Winter
Some early childhood programs seem to build their curriculum around holidays, just going from one to the other on the calendar. We don't take that approach, but we do like to celebrate! We are just…
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One To One Correspondence

Published on October 29, 2018 under Winter
What is 1:1 correspondence? One to one correspondence is the ability to match an object to the corresponding number and recognise that numbers are symbols to represent a quantity. Young children often learn to count…
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The Big Yellow Bus

Published on October 26, 2018 under Winter
Today a big yellow bus arrived ( twice ) to deliver child development students from the high school. They have been visiting different types of child care facilities. I'm so glad they got to come.…
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Monday’s and Aggressiveness in Children.

Published on October 22, 2018 under Winter
Children who have not learned to control anger or frustration often resort to aggressive behavior. Aggression is a normal expression of emotion in young children. They have not yet learned acceptable ways to channel their…
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Math Moments

Published on October 18, 2018 under Winter
In every classroom, at any time during the day, the potential for a "math moment" exists. The room is one big learning center where strands of mathematical discovery are continually being woven . Children learn…
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Dynamic Classrooms Are Not Quiet

Published on October 17, 2018 under Winter
Quiet classrooms do not mean that young children are learning. In fact, since language is very important during the early years, quiet classrooms may indicate that your children are not learning all they could be.…
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Science by Discovery

Published on October 16, 2018 under Winter
Children learn scientific concepts through real experiences such as playing in the mud, holding a cat, walking in the rain, jumping in leaves and playing with worms. Today we integrated science in our day by…
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Published on October 15, 2018 under Winter
I think I told you last week that my favorite book for this season is called " Spookley the Square Pumpkin ." Today I read the book again. There was evidence everywhere. This morning I…
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Early Intervention

Published on October 4, 2018 under Winter
The Northwest Arkansas Education Cooperative has been around for a very long time. They exist to offer early intervention to children before they enter the public school system. There are many ways we qualify children…
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