Color Celebration

Today we pulled out all the stops to end our color exploration. We played Brown Bear eye spy as the song played. I could hear some of the kids counting their “finds” as they went. We made our very own “Brown Bear” book. As I observed there were things that I found very interesting. The […]

56 degrees and holding

We came outside around 10:00 am and it was still pretty chilly. I checked and it was 56° . I told the kids that fall must be arriving on time. Josseline even found another beautiful leaf with all of the fall colors. Before going out we made a little color book that they get to […]

Mud. It’s Brown

Some days just calls for veering off the path of the curriculum. Early this morning Randy and the kids added fresh dirt to our dirt pit. It was at that point the kids decided that possibly they needed to add water. And then all the things that child hit or made of And yes we […]

Brown Bear Brown Bear

If you ask the kids I would guess their favorite part of the day was sorting M&Ms onto the characters of “Brown Bear”. Rarely do we have candy but sometimes we can turn it into a fun learning experience. I recently joined a kids book club. Our first shipment came in. I was excited to […]

Messy Colors

Today started with a bang and Randy fell down the steps. He was carrying breakfast down and missed the last step and landed in the floor. Of course I was in the drop off-line so I did not see any of it. He’s ok !! I put out several different invitations of things to play […]

That’s a little shady

Today I introduced the word hue. Hue is a color without a shade or tent. Shade is a color mixed with black and tiny is a color mixed with white. Who knew ? . The children each other on pallet and mixed white and black with their chosen colors to see what happened. Earlier we […]

International Dot Day

September 15 is International Dot. day. This day is celebrated around the book called “The Dot “ by Peter Reynolds. “The Dot” is about a young girl named Vashti who does not believe she can draw. One day, her teacher tells her to just make a mark and see where it takes her. She grabbed […]

Colors in nature

Today we took a walk in the neighborhood with color swatches in hand looking for shades of colors that match. As we looked at nature we talked about colors that were darker or lighter than our swatch. The color we struggled with the most was distinguishing light green. Some called it white. Others called it […]

Splitting Black

We’ve done a lot of color mixing and we’ve learned that you make different colors when you combine primary colors. They know that green can be made by mixing blue and yellow but I wonder what the children think about the color black. The children know if you mix all the paint colors it turns […]

Experiments / Experiences

We did a lot of scientific experiences today. I don’t usually call them experiments with the kids because we are in it more for the experience and the language that takes place. I’m not needing them to draw a hypothesis of why something happened at this point in their development. We are just having fun […]