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The Write Stuff

Published on December 13, 2018 under Winter
You know it's going to be a day when first thing in the morning a child says " Ms Debbie this necklace is as long as my vagina ." 😳😳😳😳 Did you spew your tea…
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Invest Early Coalition

Published on December 11, 2018 under Winter
Today I thought a give you a little insight into my life outside of our Preschool family. Sometimes it can get hectic and I always want you to understand that when I'm not here there…
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You Get What You Get

Published on December 7, 2018 under Winter
Christmas is a great time to teach gratitude and good ole' fashioned manners. I don't believe in making children hug strange people. I've let go of my southern ways of thinking I should be addressed…
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Creativity is Craftless

Published on December 6, 2018 under Winter
Remember when you attempted to put together your child's first instructions - enclosed, all parts included, no batteries required toy? So many steps had to be done a certain way that you had to refer…
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Busy December Day

Published on December 5, 2018 under Winter
Today we spent some time making an ornament. At Christmas time we do cheat a little on being 💯 child led and product art. Some of my most cherished memories hang on my Christmas tree.…
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Learning With Blocks

Published on December 4, 2018 under Winter
Blocks are open ended materials that stimulate young imaginations, provide choices for discovery and invention, and promote the development of problem solving skills. One day a block maybe an airplane. The next day that same…
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Process vs Product

Published on December 3, 2018 under Winter
As adults, we are concerned with the outcome, with a product of our efforts. We want a report to look nice. We want the cookies to taste great. We participate in few activities just for…
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What is professionalism ?

Published on November 30, 2018 under Winter
Some of you might have caught on by now. I generally pick one day a week that no one is visiting and I have no where to be directly after school and I call it…
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Interesting Observation

Published on November 29, 2018 under Winter
Maybelle's grandma came to play while we were outside. She said "It's interesting how they do so many different things while they are out here ." All - with loose parts. I believe when she…
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Inspection Season

Published on November 28, 2018 under Winter
'Tis the season. Yesterday we had the health department here. They inspect us just like they do a restaurant. Usually we have atleast one violation. Yesterday - none! Today licensing came and because of the…
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