Today we’re gonna dig a little deeper into what exactly is considered a punishment. A punishment makes children suffer for having a problem. Ex. A little three-year-old boy cannot sit still during church or family time. Little boys of that age aren’t meant to sit still for long periods of time yet we requested and […]

Consequences vs Punishment

Last week when Holly . Randy and I went to our conscious discipline training it was the perfect training for us. Not only did it remind us of some things that were slipping but also dug deeper in the consequences versus punishment argument. I think so many times we want to punish kids for being […]

Roses are purple

Today we did a directed drawing. In line with the following the directions blog yesterday I noticed a distinct difference between my three-year-olds and my almost 5-year-olds  Since I don’t think each sometimes I use my director drawings to introduce a holiday that may be coming up or a season. Today I just simply […]

Following directions and math

Following one and two step directions is a developmental milestone. If you look at the Arkansas early learning standards it tells us between 19 and 48 months children can remember and follow two-step directions . Example: put the crayons away and then put them in the basket. Wash your hands and then dry them. They […]

Follow The Leader

Have you ever been in the car and played a little game with everyone in there? You sing a little piece of a song and then stop. Before long someone else in the car is singing that song as well. A while later you sing another song and sure enough it is echoed minutes later. […]


Are manners for preschoolers something we should expect? Is it developmentally appropriate to expect a child to speak when they come in a room or say thank you? This is the blog that I have been rolling around in my head for a couple weeks now. I know many of the answers to the questions […]

Caps for Sale

Today is a national holiday called hat day . I didn’t do the research to find out why they actually scheduled a day honoring hats but I figured why not. 😂 So today the children arrived with hats of many different kinds. Teachers too. Just this act alone gives us opportunity for so many conversations. […]

How Important are Numbers

Today was another dreary day inside. We can do cold. But we can’t do cold and wet. Call me a baby or whatever but I just can’t. 😝 It is a cold that goes to the bones and takes hours to get rid of. To make sure that we get all of the gross motor […]

The 5 W’s

The children have been into reading a lot more. I think it’s the cold weather and them feeling the need to be close to us. Today as we were plopped in the floor I thought what a good time to do a skill assessment. I told the children to warm up their ears that I […]


Three times a year we have finalization on our assessment and observations. During the last term I noticed that many of our children had a hard time knowing what largest and smallest are . Today I did a little activity to see how far along we’ve come. We started first with the large group of […]